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Are you planning to start a raffle business and wondering about what to call your company? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we have compiled a huge list of unique and creative name suggestions perfect for any raffle business.

Before you start your next raffle venture, make sure you have a kick-ass name. As a life-long fundraiser, I have had my fair share of raffles. The most successful raffles were always the ones with the best names. A funny, shocking, or clever name will get everyone talking about your event and will happen to get you more ticket sales!

Having a name that stands out among the crowd is important. The particular niche of holding raffles has a lot of businesses in it, and you don’t want yours to get lost amongst them. That’s why it’s important to come up with an interesting name for your next raffle instead of using generic terms like “Spring Raffle.”

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We’ve put together a list of tons of unique name ideas to help inspire you when creating a captivating name for your raffle. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Catchy Raffle Business Names

A catchy name is essential for any business. No matter what kind of business you are in, you are first judged by its name. If your company name doesn’t look enticing enough, it will not get noticed by others, and people won’t even give it a second thought. For raffle businesses, the name is crucial to success.

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Below, we have put together a list of fun and catchy raffle business names that can be used as inspiration for your next raffle promotion.

  • Ace Raffles
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Raffle King
  • Get Raffled
  • Raffle Wizards
  • Luxury Raffle
  • Raffle Mania
  • The Big Payout
  • Raffle World
  • Lucky Lotto
  • Raffle Time
  • Lucky Dollar
  • Golden Chance
  • Raffle Depot
  • Lucky Spot
  • Instant Raffle
  • Raffle House
  • Cash for Chances
  • Grand Jackpot Emporium
  • Stormy Raffles
  • Basket Bonanza
  • Bingo Bash
  • Hall of Raffles
  • Raffle Fort
  • Raffle Company
  • Attractive Assets Raffle
  • Raffle Mansion
  • Magical Raffle Kingdom
  • The Land of Raffles
  • Raffle Plex
  • Raffle HQ
  • Raffle University
  • World of Raffles
  • Raffle Earth
  • State-of-the-Raffle
  • Handy Raffle Depot
  • Rowdy Raffle Co
  • Aces High Raffle
  • Good for You Raffle
  • Raffle Ticket Man
  • Ready! Set! Raffle
  • RAFFLE-icious
  • Shoot for the Raffles
  • Raffle Me Over
  • Raffle Maniacs Inc.
  • Super Raffle
  • Castle Raffles
  • Boat Raffle
  • Just For You Raffles
  • Special Occasion Raffle
  • Themed Raffle
  • The Large Prize
  • Money Tree
  • X Raffle
  • Redneck Raffle
  • Great British Raffle
  • Bonanza Ballot
  • Can’t Lose Chances
  • No Loss Ticket
  • One in a Million
  • Draw Your Luck
  • Mega Live Lottery
  • Raffle Call
  • Raffle Chance
  • Rafflinity
  • Raffle Favor
  • Mr Happy
  • Micro Lottery
  • Fortune Fund Lottery
  • Lucky Charms
  • Chance To Win
  • One More Chance
  • Big Prizes
  • Gold Rush
  • Daily Fortune
  • Major Millions
  • Mega Raffle
  • Raffle Fish
  • Seedy’s
  • Raffle Chums
  • Lucky Ticket
  • Lucky Numbers
  • Quick Loot
  • Firefly Raffle
  • Discover The Lottery
  • Win Money Now
  • Lucky Lottery Picks
  • Easy Lottery Tickets
  • Go for the Jackpot!
  • Instantly Win!
  • Winning Pockets
  • House of Lotto
  • Pick This!
  • Sterling Lotto
  • Vintage Retro Raffle
  • The Giveaway
  • Prize Finder
  • Be A Winner
  • Grand Prize Auctions
  • Party Raffle
  • Mr. Contest
  • Name that Ticket
  • Numbers Please
  • Autumn Cash Raffle
  • Lottery Tickets King
  • Royal Rendezvous
  • The Classic Raffle
  • One-Stop Grand Prize Shop
  • Ho Ho Ho It’s Time to Raffle!
  • Nice N Easy Raffle
  • Giveaway Factory
  • Hip Hop Raffle
  • Just for Fun Raffles
  • Honey Draw
  • Bakery Based Raffles
  • Contest Kings Raffle
  • Raffle Babes
  • Cocktail Raffle
  • The Mystery Box Raffle (Who will win? Each box is a surprise!)
  • On Target
  • Craft Shoppe Raffles
  • Lucky Money Tree
  • Dive Raffle
  • Win a Name
  • A Merry Raffle Christmas!
  • Prizewinners Raffle
  • Gift Raffle
  • Deal or No Deal Raffle Co
  • Giveaway Depot
  • Aces High Raffle Co

Creative Raffle Company Names

Every business needs a name, and in the world of raffles, this makes things even more important. We understand that coming up with a name for your raffle company can be difficult; it’s not as easy as naming a normal business. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun while doing it.

Here are some creative raffle company name ideas to get you started in the right direction. Take a look!

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  • Axle Raffle
  • Easy Come, Easy Go Raffles
  • Chance of A Lifetime!
  • Raffles for You
  • Smaller Raffle
  • The Shoe in The Box Raffle
  • Bitsy Raffles
  • Let’s Play Bingo
  • Big Little Raffles
  • Vacuum Cleaner Raffle
  • Today’s Big Raffle Prize!
  • Big Money Raffle
  • Charity Raffles
  • The Happy Raffle
  • Cake Raffle
  • Rainbow Raffle
  • Basket Raffle (decorated in easter eggs)
  • Smiths Charity Raffles
  • Bingo Bash Inc
  • Pick the Pot!
  • Raffle a Parcel
  • Strike It Lucky Today Raffle!
  • Rock and Roll Raffle Co
  • The Last-Minute Holiday Raffle (choose from a dream holiday or cash)
  • Royal Choice Charities
  • Royal Raffle – (for the ultimate prize)
  • High Five Raffle Co
  • Raffle for Charity
  • Random Raffles
  • Suits of Jackpot
  • Millionaire Raffle
  • Jackpot Raffle Co
  • Big Money, Big Raffle
  • Bingo on The Go
  • Roll the Dice Raffle Co
  • Raffle Shoppe
  • This Years Big Jackpot!
  • Treasure Chesty Raffle
  • Winners Circle
  • Holly Raffle Berries
  • A Chance to Win
  • Raffle for Charity
  • Fair Chance Raffles
  • Ladies Night in Raffle (fancy clothing and beauty prizes)
  • Luck for Life
  • Winners Choice
  • Easy Raffles
  • My Lucky Day Raffle Tickets!
  • I Want to Win! Ltd.
  • Prize Wheel
  • The Grand Prize Raffle Draw!
  • Cut Above the Rest Raffles
  • Win and Win
  • Garth Brooks Raffle
  • The Raffle Store
  • Charleston Gift Mart
  • Business Dinner Raffle

Cool Raffle Contest Name Ideas

Raffles are a popular fundraising method used by non-profit organizations and businesses to raise funds. They have a long history of helping nonprofit organizations raise funds for the community. Raffles provide an opportunity to encourage participation from the entire community in raising funds for a worthy cause.

Take a look at some cool raffle company name ideas to get your creative juices flowing when planning your next fundraising event.

  • Golden Ticket!
  • The Great Raffle
  • The Big Payout
  • Royal Raffle
  • Grand Prize Giveaway
  • Ultimate Prize Giveaway
  • Awesome Chance to Win
  • Megamillions Raffle
  • Mega Millions Jackpot
  • Freebies Galore Raffle Contest
  • The Coffee Lover’s Raffle
  • Raffle for a Change
  • The Grandest Raffle Ever
  • Save the World Raffle
  • Raffle Away
  • Join Our Raffle
  • Smart Picks
  • The Lucky Charms Raffle
  • Big Money Makers
  • Raffle Coupons for Products
  • Lucky Dip Raffle
  • Easy on The Wallet
  • The Lucky Numbers Raffle
  • Big Bucks Raffle
  • Parking Place Raffles
  • The Raffle Jar
  • House Raffle
  • Raffle Barn
  • BBQ Raffle
  • Piece of Cake Raffle
  • Antique Raffle
  • Deuces Down Raffles
  • Cash for Charity
  • The Secret Box Inc
  • My Lucky Day
  • Gourmet Furniture Giveaway
  • Lucky 7s
  • Lil’ Raffle-A-Roo
  • Bordello Raffle
  • Give It Away Raffle Co
  • Your Lucky Day at The Raffle Shop!
  • Gold Rush Raffle
  • Raffles for The Folks
  • The Winning Ticket
  • The Lotto Ticket
  • State Lottery
  • Drawing Doctor
  • Luster Lottery
  • Grease Gift
  • Foundry Lottery
  • Drawing Dove
  • Scope Sweepstakes
  • Trench Tickets
  • Giveaway Separate
  • Sweepstake Spectra
  • Pakistan Sweepstakes
  • Henna Prizes
  • Tickets Consultant
  • Gut Gift
  • Sweepstake Sobriety
  • Drawing Think
  • Prizes Galore
  • Raise Drawing
  • Breaking Drawing
  • Tickets Tradition
  • Crumb Ticket
  • Tuff Lottery
  • Sweepstake Sweet
  • Sweepstake Status
  • Ticket Cult
  • Draw Walks
  • Fraternity Potluck
  • Tickets Tendency
  • Sweepstake Siam
  • Diva Lotto
  • Sweepstakes Stocks
  • Progress Drawing
  • Lottery Leash
  • Torch Draw
  • Glen Giveaway
  • Tickets Parents
  • Splits Drawing
  • Lottery Lovely
  • Flicks Gift
  • Ticket Suva
  • Tickets Residence
  • Prizes Beams
  • Drawing Dieting
  • Fringe Gift
  • Tickets Trail
  • Raffle IQ
  • Tickets Acumen
  • Stylist Lottery
  • Sweepstakes Smug
  • Prizes Party
  • Prize Divinity
  • Sweepstakes Sunlight
  • Sweepstakes Beige
  • Lottery Emile
  • Ticket Regatta
  • Gift Perspective
  • Fica Lottery
  • String Drawing
  • Prizes Certifications
  • Sweepstakes Reindeer
  • Frisk Drawing
  • Giveaway Plains
  • Tickets Once
  • Ticket Strapper
  • Lottery Summary
  • Giveaway May
  • Sweepstake Sages
  • Lottery Sandy
  • Properties Potluck
  • Drawing King
  • Lottery Locale
  • Ticket Buckle
  • Hickory Lottery
  • Lake Sweepstakes
  • Monitoring Tickets
  • Sweepstake Sauce
  • Prizes Minute
  • Tickets Optimism
  • Draw Fork
  • Gift Dumpling
  • Prizes Rana
  • Giveaway Gambler
  • Grands Giveaway
  • Spec Sweepstakes
  • Clone Drawing
  • Sweepstakes Smarter
  • Lottery Please
  • Sweepstake Stork
  • Ticket Meridian
  • Investing Draw
  • Sweepstakes Estates
  • Ticket Goodness
  • Drawing Niches
  • Stability Lottery
  • Prizes Crumbs
  • Prize Spade
  • Sweepstakes Seconds
  • Sweepstakes Streaming
  • Brass Jackpot
  • Criterion Potluck
  • Gift Motoring
  • Sweepstake Scientific
  • Giveaway Gaza
  • Gift Vixen
  • Potluck Wonk
  • Drawing Galactic
  • Dynasty Lottery
  • Elm Potluck
  • Passport Giveaway
  • Drawing Authentic
  • Thumbs Tickets
  • Giveaway Gardener
  • Drawing Dashboard
  • Drawing Detective
  • Lottery Beauty
  • Sweepstakes So
  • Office Potluck
  • Discuss Drawing
  • Cling Gift
  • Gift Solace
  • Tickets Parrot
  • Sweepstakes Saver
  • Gift Fear
  • Drawing Dime
  • Prizes Doves
  • Lottery Glory
  • Tickets Technique
  • Drawing Blooming
  • Sweepstake Session
  • Sweepstakes Eatery
  • Jackpot Gent
  • Ticket Composition
  • Lottery Fairies
  • Tuition Lottery
  • Sweepstake Stealthy
  • Stability Sweepstakes
  • Gift Sighting
  • Sweepstakes Salute
  • Sweepstake Sellers
  • Sweepstakes Smasher
  • Lotto Labyrinth
  • Draw Deposit
  • Tickets Biscuit
  • Tally Tickets
  • Drawing Whip
  • Sweepstake Synapse
  • Ticket Truffle
  • Ticket Spica
  • Prize Packet
  • Tickets Innovations
  • Sweepstakes Salsa
  • Jackpot Feeder
  • Sling Drawing
  • Giveaway Sapphire
  • Hilltop Giveaway
  • Tickets Mascot
  • Jackpot Puck
  • Drawing Bathroom
  • Bush Prize
  • Ticket Visible
  • Lottery Cuisine
  • Jackpot Hearts
  • Sweepstake Signals
  • Sweepstake Spigot
  • Sweepstakes Aide
  • Sweepstake Simply
  • Trove Potluck
  • Mains Sweepstakes
  • Ship Drawing
  • Lottery Grease
  • Dope Drawing
  • Drawing Upgrade
  • Grub Gift
  • Sweepstakes Stimulation
  • Gift Motive
  • Liter Lotto
  • Tickets Tally
  • Sweepstakes Slinger
  • Cities Lottery
  • Prize Matron
  • Seminar Sweepstakes
  • Thrill Drawing
  • Potluck Graduate
  • Tickets Bubble
  • Jackpot Scarf
  • Habit Ticket
  • Prize Slight
  • Pewter Lottery
  • Chord Ticket
  • Potluck Tradition
  • Lottery Routine
  • Sweepstake Stab
  • Graduation Lottery
  • Brim Drawing
  • Drawing Dock
  • Draw Coarse
  • Sweepstakes Stepper
  • Moonbeam Lottery
  • Lottery Pony
  • Jackpot Python
  • Lottery Kitty
  • Tickets Pus
  • Lottery Techie
  • Tip Drawing
  • Drawing Dare
  • Potluck Flawless
  • Drawing Debt
  • Giveaway Speedway
  • Giveaway Gain
  • Sweepstakes Stronger
  • Emphasis Giveaway
  • Sweepstakes Santa
  • Motion Ticket
  • Tickets Blush
  • Octagon Potluck
  • Sweepstakes Squad
  • Prizes Meridian
  • Tickets Creation
  • Ticket Rials
  • Ticket Teachers
  • Don Drawing
  • Squirrel Sweepstakes
  • Sweepstakes Surprises
  • Tickets Petal
  • Lottery Dandy
  • Tickets Religion
  • Prizes Atom
  • Sweepstake Sense
  • Prizes Powerhouse
  • Drawing Foolish
  • Lottery Reed
  • Sweepstake Seltzer
  • Spring Drawing
  • Prize Protocol
  • Ticket Tram
  • Just for Fun Raffle
  • Garden Centre Raffle Shops Ltd
  • Days of The Week Raffle Co
  • Give Till You Raffle
  • The Raffle Reader
  • The Bet on Me
  • The Raffle Co.
  • Glamorous Dress Raffle (exclusive clothing to win)
  • Roll of The Dice
  • Pluckers Millionaire Club

Innovative Raffle Group Names

Raffle group names are a vital part of raffles. It will make your raffle stand out and help to get more attention. But brainstorming name ideas can be tough or time-consuming. If you have an easy-to-remember and catchy raffle group name, it will help you get more people to join your list and participate in your giveaways.

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To make it easier for you, we’ve listed below plenty of interesting raffle group name ideas for you to choose from. Enjoy!

  • Grand Raffle Grandeur
  • Chance to Win
  • The Raffle Box
  • Advantage Raffle
  • The Raffle Group
  • Social Gems
  • Charity Sparks
  • Fairy Golds
  • Craving Diamonds
  • Jackpot Winners
  • Raffle Runners
  • Rollin’ in Raffle Tickets
  • Ticket to Riches
  • The Dream Team
  • Number Crunchers
  • Mega Money Action
  • Raffle for a Cure
  • Radiant Raffle Amazement
  • The True Believers
  • The Jovial Planners
  • Raffle Guy
  • Book Raffle
  • Wheel and Deal Raffle Co
  • Napkins and Things Raffle
  • Novice Nipper Raffle
  • Go Lucky!
  • White Elephant Monopoly
  • Chair-Lotta-Ia Raffle
  • Jackpot Winner!
  • Supernatural Raffle
  • Treasures and Prizes Raffle
  • Best Charity Raffle Ever!
  • Witty Raffle
  • Crystal Ball Raffle
  • Pamper Basket Raffle
  • Sweepstakes Raffle
  • Car Raffle
  • Cash Cow
  • Auction Box
  • Baby Shower Raffle
  • A Chance to Win Big!
  • A Treasure Hunt
  • Antique Car Raffle
  • Spin and Win
  • Basket of Goodies
  • Krazy Rafflers
  • Drink & Draw
  • Win It! Name It! Raffle It!
  • Egg Roulette
  • The Open Road Raffle (cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and more)

Conclusion: Raffle Names

Well, there you have it – tons of interesting raffle name ideas we could come up with. We hope you found it useful and now have enough inspiration to create a perfect name for your raffle. It will help you think outside the box and come up with interesting names that fit the theme or tone of your event.

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Have a great day!

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What are some good raffle gifts? ›

What are good raffle prize ideas?
  • Personal chef for a night. Give your donors the opportunity to impress all their friends with a dinner party they'll never forget. ...
  • Tour of a winery or brewery. ...
  • Cooking classes. ...
  • Restaurant gift certificates. ...
  • Wine and cheese basket. ...
  • Baked goods.

What do you put raffle tickets in? ›

I've seen raffle tickets collected in all kinds of cheap containers, like shoeboxes covered in wrapping paper, with a small hole in the top, or big plastic jars like you might buy food in at a warehouse store. You could also use flower vases, although that may not be a good idea if you'll have kids around!

Whats a raffle ticket? ›

an activity in which people buy tickets with different numbers, some of which are later chosen to win prizes, that is organized in order to make money for a good social purpose: a raffle ticket/prize.

How can I make the most money out of my raffle? ›

Here are four tips for increasing the revenue you bring in with your raffle add-on:
  1. #1: Accept Cash, Checks and Credit Cards. I suggest that your non-profit be prepared to accept cash, checks and credit cards as payment for raffle tickets. ...
  2. #2: Display the Items, When Possible. ...
  3. #3: Be Visible.

How do I get people to buy raffle tickets? ›

Raffle Ticket Sales To General Public. The best place to sell lots of tickets is at high-traffic locations such as shopping centers, grocery stores, drug stores, home improvement stores, Wal-Mart, etc. Get permission from the store manager ahead of time to set up a sales table outside the entrance.

What makes a raffle successful? ›

Remember -- there are at least four aspects to a successful raffle. 1) Getting the committee and the leadership organized; 2) getting the items to raffle off; 3) printing and selling the raffle tickets; and 4) holding the event where the raffle is drawn.

How do you run a fun raffle? ›

how to Run A raffle - YouTube

How many raffle prizes should you have? ›

The most Successful Raffle Ideas generally have between one and four raffle prizes, with each prize described on the printed raffle tickets.

How do I start a raffle business? ›

4 Steps To Making Your Raffle Company In 5 Minutes - YouTube

Is raffle a gambling? ›

Examples are raffle games. Answer: The scheme is considered a lottery or gambling if : (1) the public pays more than the price of the article because the excess is used to defray or cover the cost of the prize or (2) the article is not saleable without the prize and it becomes saleable only because of the prize.

Are raffle tickets tax deductible? ›

For the purpose of determining your personal federal income tax, the cost of a raffle ticket is not deductible as a charitable contribution. It may be deductible as a gambling loss, but only up to the amount of any gambling winnings from that tax year.

What do you give for a door prize? ›

Typically, a door prize is a special gift, such as a gift certificate or gift basket, that is awarded at the end of the party. Find a creative way to give away these door prizes, but make sure that your method is fair to all of the guests.


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