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7 Easy Ways to Add Cash to Cash App Without Debit Card - MoneyPantry (1)If you are one of the millions of users who use Cash App and are trying to lean how to add money to Cash App without a debit card, this post is for you.

Paying with a debit card is a convenient way to purchase goods and services because you don’t have to fumble for dollar bills, wait for a check to clear, or pay credit card interest fees.

According to a Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta study, American consumers made an average of 60 payments a month, and debit card use accounted for 23 of those payments. (Credit card payments came in second at 18, and cash payments came in third at 14.)

However, there are a few reasons why you might not always be able to use your debit card to fund your Cash App account:

These, and other possible situations, are why you need to learn how to add cash to Cash App without a debit card.

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Consider any of the following techniques if you find yourself in what I call a “debit card crisis.”

What will I learn?

How to Fund Your Cash App Account With no Debit Card

Use these methods to add dough to your Cash App balance when a debit card isn’t an option.

1. Ask a Loved One With a Cash App Account for Money

Friend on Cash App?

Provided they’re in a comfortable financial position, request money from them.

Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Cash App and input the amount you need.
  • Tap “Request.”
  • Type in your friend’s $Cashtag handle.
  • Touch “Request.”

Again, friends and money don’t mix well usually, so I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you have to, take the steps above.

  • Money Limit: Receive- Unlimited with a verified account; Cash Out- $25,000 per week

2. Load money at a local retailer

Many grocery store and gas station chains will gladly add dollar bills to your Cash App.

But there’s a catch: you can only deposit between $5 and $500 per transaction, and each transaction comes with a $1 charge.

On Cash App, touch the Bank icon, then tap “Paper Money.” (This action takes you to a map of nearby Cash App loading retailers.)

Press the balloon of the location you want to go to.


You can tap “Directions,” “Copy Address,” or “Show Barcode.” (I recommend you wait until after arriving at your destination to touch the barcode since it only lasts about 15-20 minutes before you have to generate a new one.)

Upon your arrival, ask the cashier to scan your barcode and give them your cash. (Expect it to show up in your Cash App balance soon afterward.)

  • Money Limit: Up to $1,000 per rolling week; up to $4,000 per rolling month

3. Deposit a check

Check payment?

Like most banks nowadays, Cash App offers mobile check deposits, albeit for some users.

If your Cash App has mobile deposit functionality, touch the Bank icon and tap the check deposit option.

Type in the dollar amount on the check, then snap the front and back of it. It should arrive in your account within a few days.

Of course, you can also use one of many Cash App ATMs near you to deposit your check physically.

Money Limit: Up to $3,500 per check; Up to $7,500 of 5 deposits per month (Rumored)

4. Use your linked bank account

To transfer money from your linked bank account to Cash App, open the app and touch the “Add Cash” button under “Cash Balance.”

Your money amount options are:

  • $10
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • $200

You can also input a different amount depending on what you need.

Once you enter the amount you want, tap “Add.”

  • Money Limit: $2,500 per week

5. Turn on recurring deposits

Cash App’s Recurring Deposits feature is a must-have, especially if you frequently use the app.

Through your app, tap the Bank tab and press “Recurring Deposits.”

Switch the button next to “Auto Add Cash” to the right to automatically transfer money from your bank.

Set the frequency on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Next, pick a specific date and amount before saving the information.

  • Money Limit: $2,500 per week

6. Transfer funds from your PayPal balance (in a sense)

Have PayPal?

While there’s no direct way, it’s technically possible to transfer money from PayPal to Cash App if you know the right hacks.

One option is to connect your Cash Card to PayPal.

But since this post focuses on how to add cash to Cash App without a debit card, there might be some reason you’re unable to use your Cash Card or any other debit card.

Another option is linking your bank account to PayPal.

Log in to your PayPal account, click “Transfer,” then “Transfer to your bank.”

Choose the free Standard transfer or the Instant transfer. (Fees for Instant Transfers vary.)

After your money arrives in your savings or checking account, go to Cash App, touch the Bank icon, and tap “Add Cash.”

  • Money Limit: $2,500 per week

You can also load money to PayPal at a local store, though it requires the PayPal app. (Google Play/Apple)

Tap the PayPal app, touch “Add cash at a store,” and you’ll see stores like Winn Dixie, Office Depot, and GameStop.

Money-loading fees range between $3 and $4, and you need to touch the name of a store to generate a barcode. (The barcode is valid for one hour.)

Give the barcode to the cashier once you arrive, and give them the dollar bills. (Expect the cash to hit your PayPal in 15 minutes.)

  • Money Limit: $20 to $50 per transaction; $1,500 per day; $5,000 per month

7. Set up employer deposits

Some employers pay their workers via Cash App. Best of all, the Direct Deposit option allows you to receive your paycheck up to two days quicker.

Just open Cash App, touch the Bank tab, then tap “Direct Deposit” to get started.

You can set up automatic or manual payments.

The automatic payments option lets you locate your employer from its payroll provider list.

Once you find your employer, give Cash App the okay to share your bank account details with Pinwheel, its third-party payroll provider.

But what if your employer isn’t on the list?

That’s where the manual option comes in.

With your employer’s permission, add employer info, the amount you want to deposit from each paycheck, and your signature to the form.

  • Money Limit: $25,000 per deposit; Up to $50,000 per day

Wrapping Everything Up

Debit cards allow you to make quick, interest-free payments on necessities and luxuries.

That said, anything can happen that might prevent you from accessing it.

That’s why it’s good to have a payment app as a backup, particularly one like Cash App.

Knowing how to add cash to Cash App without a debit card can be a financial lifesaver, and you have the above options at your disposal.

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