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Comments: Love this racquet. Spin, power, control and feel are exceptional. I can hit flat shots with confidence, as well. This has elevated my game to levels I thought were out of reach. Strung with RPM Blast 18 at 54lbs. This to me is a perfect combination. Highly recommended.
From: Carl P, Pasadena, CA USA 7/20/21

Comments: I loved the fact that this racquet's cosmetic is so beautiful. I also loved the intense power this racquet produced. I improved so much for my self-control on my power and spin. Great racquet and I suggest this for everyone who is looking for power and spin.
From: Mr. Who, 5/17/21Rivervale, NJ, USA

Comments: I've been slowly integrating the Nadal into my bag. It took a few sessions to get used to the spin, but once I figured it out I really enjoyed it. For me I really enjoyed the one-handed backhand, the spin allowed me to put a lot of depth on my shots. I also enjoy its touch shots and approaches. I tended to lose the racquet on serves and forehands, but I'm used to Wilson racquets which have a distinct serving feel to them. After a longer than three hour match I didn't have any arm soreness or fatigue which was a huge plus. I used Volkl Cyclone strings at around 50 pounds, but this racquet excels at a lower tension. I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed it, and plan to keep it in my daily bag. Really fun racquet for beginner and up levels.
From: Brandon, 4/30/21

Comments: Okay so I switched from low powered frames such as the Wilson Blade 16x19 and the Yonex DR 98 to give this racquet a chance, so it was a difficult transition for me. You really need to make sure you are rolling the ball, and you have to exaggerate the topspin motion if you want to take big swings, otherwise the ball is gonna fly out. I have been playing with this for a month now. But once you get used to it, the racquet does offer you unfair advantage on court. The areas where I observed remarkable improvement are improved speed on first serves. Improved spin on second serves. Improved stability on volleys. Improved slice, and better defense, you can block back the ball from a stretched position, no wonder Nadal has crazy good defense. For now I still keep my low-powered frames in my bag for a match, in case I am not feeling the energy to control this racquet. But during practice, this racquet has definitely improved my swing. Can't wait for the time when I can switch to this frame full-time.
From: Vishal, 9/11/20

Comments: If you love ripping topspin then this racquet is worth a try. My local club has the old version that is lighter and weighted differently. I'm glad I tried out that model as it required so much effort to rip topspin, and when you hit the sweetspot it was awesome, but if you missed the sweetspot it wouldn't be a good shot at all. I then tried the latest version and loved it. Very consistent. You can back off with topspin and the shot is still good, or you can ramp up the revolutions on the ball and send it really deep. Fantastic on the forehand, and I found it helped get more depth on the backhand. When serving I like changing it up from slice, kick, or flattening it out. Very responsive to what ever I did and accurate. At the net it may have not have had the best control. However, I found this racquet was better used from the baseline. I give this racquet a ten out of ten.
From: Tim, 6/10/20

Comments: Been playing a little over for four years, just a regular club player, and my last racquet is a pair of Volkl V-Sense 8. Recently I've been hitting the ball too early and framing at the bottom a lot due to not having the chance to play as much, my forehand also never get passed the service box. Finding a replacement racquet, I really want to to try the 2014 Pro Staff 90, but couldn't find any good deals near my place. I tried my wife's 2012 Pure Drive GT and I was surprised because I really liked it. I was able to get my hands on the Pure Aero 2019 and I think it matched my spinny game perfectly. I also have good feel volleying with it. Half volleys and drive volleys are also good. Forehand became more loopy, but is hitting the baseline a lot. I think it also improved my serve, I have a decent easy point flat serve, but now second serve goes wider which is a plus in doubles.
From: Khris, 5/27/20

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Comments: Very lovely racquet. Really improved my game. Highly recommended for those who play with spin. In one word, the racquet is fantastic.
From: Abayomi , 5/24/20

Comments: This racquet has not only improved my confidence on court, with its high levels of spin, but also has changed my game entirely. I feel stronger than ever before. If you're on the fence about this racquet, I definitely recommend this stick.
From: Eric, 3/19/20

Comments: This is a great racquet and provides a nice blend of power and spin. I've played with a lot of racquets over the years and was really surprised with the comfort level of this racquet, even with a full bed of poly. Due to age my body is breaking down a bit and I've struggled with some severe elbow issues (golf and tennis elbow) which also effect my ulnar nerve. I actually switch on and off between this racquet and the Head Gravity Pro. When I am feeling healthy/rested and need more control I love the Gravity Pro. When I am feeling slow and old... PA comes out and crazily enough I don't have too much trouble adjusting between the two, I generate quite a bit of power on and spin on my own. I've learned that I can hit the same big ball as I do with the Gravity Pro by using less effort with the PA... This racquet allows me to accelerate and get same level of spin and power with little effort. The best part is my elbow is not bothered at all by this racquet. I string it with Yonex PolyTour Pro at 50-51lbs and it's been amazingly comfortable. The only weakness on this racquet so far are touch volleys. I just don't have the time or the health to really practice and figure it out, but I'm sure with time I can make it work pretty well. Stability is pretty good for a light frame and regular volleys are fantastic. It's not a precision instrument like the GPro, but it sure is a nice complement when I just want things to be easy. If you'rea good player this racquet will take years off your game, especially on days where you are feeling old and slow.
From: Matt, 1/10/20

Comments: I absolutely loved this racquet. The last gen Pure Aero was nice but wasn't as maneuverable. This gen Pure Aero, however, has everything: Nice feel, maneuverability and predictable responses that give players confidence to play more aggressively. Babolat really knows how to create nice tweeners, and the updated Pure Aero is one of the best tweener racquets on the market, along with another bad boy "Pure Drive". No other companies make the 100" frames better than Babolat. Wilson tries with the Clash, but in my opinion, the Pure Aero and Pure Drive both out play the Wilson tweener racquets.
From: Max, 1/8/20

Comments: This racquet was really good on groundstrokes, and great on serve. On groundstrokes, if you looking to hit flat the ball flies long, however that is not what this racquet is designed for. The real issue was up at net; I felt that the racquet was slightly unstable and I struggled to control where the volley landed. If you're looking to hit big behind the baseline, I would recommend.
From: Alex, 10/31/19

Comments: I have had one of these racquets around 6 months, I found it extremely powerful on baseline groundstrokes and comfortable while you beat your opponent out. However, on volleys I discovered the region of instability with this stick. I don't feel confident in approaching to the net because I feel that the stick behaves completely strange while volleying. The racquet felt unstable, low powered, and out of control. I would say that this racquet is a must go for players who always want to remain at the baseline, also for players that want to level up their groundstrokes more specifically, the forehand. At the opposite direction, from my experience, I don't recommend this racquet for players intending to build the game winning points volleying. Finally to finish my review, I point out some features regarding the serves. By using this racquet for sure you will obtain a superior serve. However, this does not come costless. The serve movement using this stick is very arm consuming, mostly on the inner portion of the elbow while serving across left to right.
From: Felipe, 9/10/19

Comments: The previous version and this version are both terrible and jarring at the arm. However, this racquet sticks volleys like a champ.
From: MasterWill, 5/26/19

Comments: I will try to make this short and sweet. So how does this racquet compare to the previous version? I had this strung with my usual Volkl V-Torque at 67 pounds. The 2019 model has less power, a softer feel and response, and the area with noticeable improvements are on volleys and slices. The topspin and control seem similar to the previous version. It took me about a month of playing to feel confident with the 2019 version. My next string job I will bring down closer to 60 pounds, this should take care of the loss of power on serves and groundstrokes. At first I didn't much care for the new version, but once I was used to it I liked it even more then the previous version due to the increased feel on slices and volleys. This new racquet would be a great choice for users of the previous version, just be patient and give yourself time to adjust to the 2019 model.
From: Dean, 4/17/19

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Comments: All four members of my family played with the previous Pure Aero and three have switched to the 2019 version, with the only hold-out being my wife. She prefers the increased power provided by the previous version. I agree with her that the new frame has slightly-less power. The differences between the new frame and the old are not striking. The new frame has less power, a more controlled-response, similar spin-generation and improved feel and arm comfort. My sons are both junior (15,17) boys who prefer the new frame. Both have mentioned that they have less arm soreness. For me, the biggest difference is serve control and volleying.
From: Darin, 1/7/19

Comments: I upgraded my 2013/14 Aero and was extremely happy I did - this racquet is solid! I didn't demo and wasn't sure what to expect from the upgrade, but from my first time hitting I've been extremely satisfied and ordering my 2nd one now. I have Hyper-G 18s in the mains and Gosen OG-Sheep series 18 in the crosses - creates insane spin, has plenty of power, and great feel at the net.
From: Bryan, 12/26/18

Comments: Just got this racquet (strung with RPM Blast 15L at 56 lbs), I have to say I have no idea why some are saying it's just a paint job when compared to the 2016 model. My previous racquet was the older model of the Pure Aero and the 2019 version is much more comfortable and stable, it also has a more muted sensation and feels less wild. Power has been decreased, and control and spin have been increased substantially. If you aren't sure whether or not to buy the racquet, ignore the negative comments, buy it.
From: Oliver, 12/26/18

Comments: Got my Aero 2019 today Christmas 2018. I strung it with Head Hawk at 57 lbs and put a leather grip on it. Was using the 2016/17 Pure Aero Tour with same set up. I hit with a friend today it was 42 degrees here in Tennessee so of course the ball is going to be slower, but I will say it is a little lower powered than the last model. But I love it in every department! I've used the Pure Aero Tour for a while and really like it, but always wish I had gotten a bit more maneuverable racquet. This one definitely is. Spin and control on serve seems a bit better! I will leave another review this spring when it warms up and I actually get to play. The first impression is I love it! Good thing because I get an Aero series every two years and keep it regardless. I haven't been dissatisfied by one yet! Happy hitting.
From: Tyler, 12/25/18

Comments: I've been playing with the AeroPro Drive for 5+ years and have been waiting to get a new racquet because the other Pure Aero's were too different. This racquet feels very much like my AeroPro Drive but with a larger sweet spot and more control. I'm blown away that I didn't have to sacrifice power to get that control. Finally, the spin is even more, well, spinny. My kick serve and slice serve are better with this racquet than my AeroPro Drive. I literally cannot think of anything that is a step backwards from my AeroPro Drive.
From: Josh, 12/25/18

Comments: I demoed the Pure Aero 2019. It feels a bit lighter in the head and for me it was noticeably less powerful than the prior models, especially on the serve. The upside is it plays "whippier" on the groundstrokes and also volleys are easier because it is slightly more maneuverable. Not bad by any means, but I need the power on the serve so I prefer the older model.
From: Jeff, 12/19/18

Comments: This is a great racquet. I just changed over from an Aero Pro Team GT (2013) to the Pure Aero 2019 (not exactly an apples to apples comparison, as the Aero Pro Team 2013 is a lighter model). Compared to the Aero Pro Team 2013, the Pure Aero 2019 is more muted and a little less lively, but has similar spin with better power, control, stability (especially on volleys) and is less jarring on the arm. Overall the Pure Aero 2019 is a superior racquet to the Aero Pro Team 2013. Strung with mains: Babolat VS Touch 16 gauge at 56 pounds, crosses: RPM Blast 17 gauge at 52 pounds.
From: Kevin, 12/10/18

Comments: Excellent racquet and update. The previous versions I could never hit with, had zero control. Huge improvement, easy power, with good control. Really impressed with the updates. Great all around.
From: Anonymous, 12/6/18


Comments: New Babolat Pure Aero 2019 is very good modern racquet! Does everything well for my game! Good improvement to the Pure Aero update!
From: Anonymous, 12/5/18

Comments: I have tried the new Pure Aero with my strings set up and I will definitely not switch. This racquet is underpowered compare to the last version and spin is also not as good as the previous one. If you are a fan of the Pure Strike maybe it could be interesting to look at this new frame, but if you loved playing with Pure Aero 2016 because of its power and spin, that is not the right choice. Instead of buying the new model, I have decided to switch to the Pure Aero Tour 2016 in order to have some plow through and increased stability and control without losing power and spin.
From: Stephane, 11/27/18

Comments: I am a 4.5 heavy topspin baseliner who used the previous two generations of this racquet. I ordered the demo but due to differences in the string setup (tension and string type) it was difficult to compare the new 2019 edition to the previous. As such I purchased one and strung it up identical to my current setup-that is VS Touch @ 57 lbs in the mains and RPM Blast 17 @ 53 lbs in the crosses. Same over grip, same protective Babolat head tape. The frames are similar, but after logging 8 hours on the new frame I feel the power has slightly decreased, I didn't generate any additional noticeable topspin. Despite being the same weight and balance on paper I felt it was slightly more head light and less stable than the previous model. I found myself spraying long by a foot all too often. I'm sure I could tinker with the tension setup and add a tiny bit of lead tape to make it to my liking, but to me, it offers no apparent improvement over the previous frame. I'll be sticking with the previous generation.
From: Paul, 11/13/18

Comments: I play with a Pure Aero strung with Hyper G in the mid 40s. I had the opportunity to hit with a Pure Drive and Pure Aero (2019) that a friend had on demo last night for a total of 15-20 minutes and woke up with a sore forearm; I had issues with tennis elbow 4-5 years ago. Both racquets were strung with a synthetic gut at mid tension. Both felt extremely underpowered compared to my setup which wasn't that surprising. I didn't connect with the Pure Drive-I put it down after 5 minutes or so and spent the rest of my time with the Pure Aero 19. I liked the look of the new frame, but have mixed feelings about the yellow, so much yellow, but I imagine I could get used to it. The feel was more muted and as mentioned, underpowered compared to my Pure Aero. I hit okay with it against my friend using the Pure Drive. He picked up my Pure Aero and immediately started to hit a deeper, heavier ball with noticeably more top spin. He didn't hit with it for very long before they started turning the lights off on us, but I definitely felt the Pure Aero 19 was getting pushed around by my Pure Aero. All that said, I think strings can make or break a racquet and I'd like to try the Pure Aero 19 with my favorite string setup in the future for a more apples to apples comparison, but I'm not rushing into it. It didn't leave me with that, gotta have it now feeling-I'm fine with the current Pure Aero for now and I actually prefer its paint job over the Pure Aero 19.
From: Matt, 11/10/18

Comments: Solid, comfort, and control are the characteristics of this latest release. The playing characteristic is between the Aero Pro Drive and first version of the Pure Aero. If you like the Aero Pro Drive for its lively feel, and Pure Aero is too stiff, this is the version that would be perfect for you. Groundstrokes and serves are very solid with ample spin and pace. Volley is a little muted and not as lively as Aero Pro Drive. Strung with Solinco Tour Bite 16 gauge at 55 lbs.
From: John, 11/5/18

Comments: Very good racquet. I have shoulder problems and had to stop using the last Aero version. I tried this racquet last weekend and it is awesome. Very good feel and power. Same amount of spin as the last version, but with better feel. No arm or shoulder issues after playing.
From: David, 11/5/18

Comments: I've played with every Aero racquet throughout the years and this one is certainly a good one. Same spin machine with good power, but this time a more controlled power, which is great. Great feel at the net and for drop shots, and great on serves as well. Good for the arm as well compared to the previous version. Certainly worth the buy! I'm a 5.5 player that plays 3 to 4 times per week. Strung it with RPM Rough at 50 lbs.
From: Rafael, 11/4/18

Comments: Horrible. It's supposed to be soft but the more flexible it is, the more it vibrated and killed my arms. The prior model is way better. Bought it brand new and now returning to TW after one weekend of usage.
From: Seth, 10/30/18

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Comments: I have had a history of arm issues and had to stop hitting the previous iterations of this frame. Kept hearing how Babolat softened the frame and added some dampening so I wanted to give this try in hopes that my arm could handle it. That being said, this is not your old 2016 Pure Aero. Really reminds me of the older Aero Pro Drive GT in feel and response. Have had no arm issues at all since starting to hit it. The stick is much more controllable than the previous model and still generates a ton of spin. Much better than old model on slice, touch and delicate shots, but can still amp up the power when needed. Heavy spin on second/kick serves is easily generated. Perhaps a bit dead at the top of the string pattern, but the large sweet spot is very stable at impact and through the ball. I didn't need to add any weight in the head. Frame is also better than previous version at the net, offering better touch and good stability- more than serviceable. In my opinion, it has become the middle ground between the Pure Drive and the Pure Strike, it is a huge improvement over the last Aero model. Terrific frame.Info: Strung with Dunlop Black Widow 16g at low tension.
From: Andrew, 10/29/18

Comments: Played with the new Aero for about 2 hours after having played with the previous two generations pretty extensively. I loved the Aero Pro Drive, but really didn't care for the first Pure Aero. Found it brassy, wild, hollow sounding and I didn't care for the Aero hoop. This new update is closer to the older Aero Pro Drive as it's clearly a little softer in feel, more flex, and better control. I appreciated the improved feel, but it's still on the light side in the hoop and flutters on off center hits. Power was just average to me. Serving was easy, and got good dive on my serves. I received this as a demo while my Pure Drive + gets restrung. After a few hours I couldn't wait to hit my Pure Drives' again. It's definitely a step in the right direction, but better suited for pure baseliners, which is not me. The Pure Drive is a better volleying racquet and has better stability.
From: GS, 10/28/18

Comments: Personally, I find the power and spin to be about equal as the previous version of the Pure Aero. Where I see that this version shines is with the enhanced control. I found that I was able to take a more powerful swing with more confidence with this racquet. I'm extremely happy with the purchase.
From: Jason, 10/27/18

Comments: After playing with this racquet about a month, I have come to realize that it is a bit more geared towards the advanced player than previous, "one racquet for all levels" philosophy.It's a bit more focused, and rewards you with accuracy and precision. I think it really steps up to the plate, and takes hard hitting without a flinch. It almost challenges you to hit hard first, and ask questions later. In fact, I might go as far to say, that the harder you hit it, the better the control. Go ahead and take a few huge swings with it, and you might be surprised that with a few adjustments, you can perform at a higher level than you're accustomed to.
From: Rafaboy, 10/25/18

Comments: I am trying this racquet with RPM Blast at the moment and with this new Pure Aero you have definitely a lot of control, but on the other hand you have much less power and I think that you don't have more spin than the last one (I play with the previous Pure Aero with Luxilon ALU Power Rough). I would even say that the previous Pure Aero had more spin effect than the new one. If you want to have more control than the previous one it could be a good choice, but with this one you will lose the specificities of power and spin that you have with the previous Pure Aero. I would say the new one is better for slices, volleys, and accuracy but you will lose power on serve and you will have to make more effort to hit strong strikes.
From: Stef, 10/24/18

Comments: This is a very solid racquet and much better than the current Pure Aero. It has much more feel and it is easily maneuverable. One can really hit out with this stick. Volleying with this racquet, one has much more control and greater impact. I was blown away after the first hit with it. I had Weiss Cannon Red Ghost in the mains at 53 lbs and X-One Biphase in the crosses at 55 lbs. The color is pretty neat. It is pleasant and hard to appreciate from online pictures. I did not think that they could improve on this racquet but they sure did.
From: Beau, 10/18/18

Comments: This racquet feels like a cross between a Pure Aero and Pure Strike.I'd say 65% Pure Aero and 35% Pure Strike 98 16x19.Hits are more solid than Pure Aero, with better control. More focused, but not as focused as Pure Strike 98.On impact, it feels not as harsh as Pure Aero, but thats only on the immediate contact. In no way does it feel too flexible, whippy, or over dampened.The rest of the testers reviews are spot on.Actual color is beautiful. Pictures don't do it justice. The pastel yellow has pearl essence mixed into it, it's not just a flat color. I'm looking forward to my second one soon.Get this racquet!Jonny 6.0
From: Jon, 10/11/18


Where are Babolat racquets manufactured? ›

Yes, Babolat rackets are manufactured in China (like many other rackets from well-known brands). However, a lot of counterfeits of these frames are also produced in China and trickle their way into the market.

Is Babolat Pure Aero worth it? ›

Just like its Pure Drive cousin, I found it to be excellent on the serve and I did feel like I got a good boost in MPH which was a nice surprise. It's known for its prowess from the back of the court, but it is also a good serving weapon. Overall, I gave the Pure Aero an 8 out of 10.

Is there a difference between Pure Aero and pure aero Rafa? ›

The updated Pure Aero features a softer, more comfortable feel and offers better control while still retaining the Aero's hallmark easy power and spin.

What is Babolat Pure Aero good for? ›

The Babolat Pure Aero 2023 is the 7th generation of one of the most popular racquets in the market. The idea behind this model is to give you plenty of power and spin. It's a racquet that works from intermediate to advanced players, but a small caution is that it can be a bit stiff for players with arm concerns.

Is Babolat better than Wilson? ›

You hardly find a quality difference between Babolat Pure Aero and Wilson ProStaff. Different types of players need different types of rackets, but for recreational players, the decision usually depends on what they like in terms of design or brand awareness.

Why are Babolat rackets so expensive? ›

On the other hand, the Babolat is made from advanced graphite, which is strong and dramatically more expensive to create. As a result, the baseline price of this tennis racquet is going to be higher.

Is pure aero vs better than Pure Aero? ›

Baseliners will appreciate the rackets control, and spin, and if you can naturally generate racket head speed with power and spin, The Pure Aero VS will help with your control. Up at the net, The Pure Aero is arguably better than the Pure Aero Rafa, thanks to its extra weight and control.

What string is best for Babolat Pure Aero? ›

Strings. There's no doubt that the Babolat Pure Aero performs best with a lower power spin-friendly polyester string like RPM Blast, and the type of string I'd recommend for use with this racquet.

Who plays with Pure Aero? ›

Babolat identified three types of Spin Players.

The Fast Spin player hits the ball on the rise, early after the bounce and uses sharp angles. The racquet best suited to their playing style is the Pure Aero 98, used on the circuit by Félix Auger-Aliassime, Carlos Alcaraz, and Holger Rune, among others.

Is Babolat Pure Aero heavy? ›

Similar to other Babolat racquet reviews, we found the Pure Aero to be head light, sturdy, and easy to control. The most popular model, the Pure Aero, weighs 11.2 ounces strung (or 318 grams). Made of graphite, this tennis racquet is a standard 27 inches long.

Is Pure Aero Rafa Limited Edition? ›

The Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 2021 Limited Edition Collection includes the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 2021 (300g) Racket, the Babolat Pure aero Rafa 2021 Jr 26 (250g) Junior Racket, and the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 2021 12x Pack Racket Bag.

What is the newest Pure Aero? ›

Made popular by Rafael Nadal, the Babolat Pure Aero is one of the game's most legendary racquets. This 2023 generation is updated with flax inserts in the handle and upper hoop. You read that correctly: flax.

What is recommended tension for Babolat Pure Aero? ›

Tension: Stringing information for Babolat Pure Aero Racquets: Tension range 50 to 59 pounds, optimum 54 pounds.

Which is the heaviest Babolat racket? ›

the Pure Aero Tour is the heaviest racket. Weighing in at 315 g, it is a powerful but demanding racket, ideal for competitors and expert players.

What is the difference between the Pure Aero and the pure aero tour? ›

The main differences between the two rackets are in the construction of the frame, where the VS Tour uses a hybrid construction, which blends the modern aero modular beam in the throat with a classic, thinner beam in the head.

What is the best tennis racket in the world? ›

The Best Expert-Recommended Tennis Rackets To Take Your Game To The Next Level
  • Best Tennis Racket Overall: Head Speed Pro 2022 Tennis Racket.
  • Best Tennis Racket for Beginners: Wilson Burn 100 v4 Tennis Racket.
  • Best Tennis Racket for Intermediate Players: Wilson Blade 104 V8 Tennis Racket.
20 Jun 2022

How do you pronounce brand Babolat? ›

How to Pronounce Babolat - YouTube

Is a 20 year old tennis racket still good? ›

Some are, some are not. There are 20-30-year-old racquets that work well today. And there are modern racquets that play better than most old-school racquets. A good racquet is a good racquet.

How often should you change your tennis racket? ›

But assuming you don't intentionally splinter it, a new racquet should last at least two years before you have to start worrying about performance-affecting fatigue. This two-year rule applies to club players who play two or more times a week.

Is a heavy or light tennis racket better? ›

Weight: A heavy racquet is more powerful, more stable and transmits less shock than a lighter racquet (all other things being equal). The extra weight of a heavy racquet helps it win the battle at contact when the stringbed collides with the ball.

Is Babolat Pure Aero VS good? ›

Overall we couldn't find fault with the Babolat Pure Aero VS from the back of the court and we gave it a great score of 8.5 out of 10.

When did Babolat Pure Aero VS come out? ›

The Aero VS is not a new release—it hit the market in 2020. I've experimented with it occasionally, but never really sank my teeth in.

When did the pure aero vs come out? ›

Summary. Known as the Aero Storm when it was introduced in 2007, the Babolat Pure Aero VS has seen some significant changes throughout the years. With this 2020 update, Babolat makes some major spec tweaks, including a slightly heavier weight, a more head-light balance and a thicker beam in strategic locations.

How heavy is the Babolat Pure Aero? ›

Length: 27 in. Weight: 11.2 oz. In the jungle of power and spin racquets, the Pure Aero is arguably the apex predator.

What tension does Rafael use? ›

Nadal's String

Formerly a poster boy for Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, Nadal now uses Babolat's RPM Blast in 15 Gauge at a tension of 55lbs.

What is a good grip size for a tennis racquet? ›

4 ¼ (2) for women and 4 3/8 (3) for men. These are the most common grip sizes based on gender. However, if your hand is much smaller or larger, you may need a different grip size.

What is difference between Babolat Pure Drive and pure drive team? ›

It's no wonder the Pure Drive is one of most popular and versatile racquets in the world. The 10th generation of the Pure Drive takes your game to the next level with point-ending explosive power and increased feel. The Pure Drive Team is dedicated to players seeking a powerful but lighter racket for better handling.

Who uses Babolat Pure Strike? ›

The Pure Strike is for Players Who Create Their Own Power

ATP player Dominic Thiem uses the Pure Strike 18×20 version. If you've watched him play, then you know that he has no problem hitting with pace. US Open Champion, Dominic Thiem uses the Babolat Pure Strike 18×20 tennis racquet.

Who uses Babolat Pure Drive? ›

Babolat Pure Drive racquets are endorsed on tour by Karolina Pliskova, Fabio Fognini, Garbine Muguruza, Julia Goerges, and Bob and Mike Bryan. It is one of the most popular tennis racquets for professionals, college players, and recreational players as well.

Will there be a 2022 Pure Aero? ›

Professional players began using the 2022 Pure Aero range at the start of August when the US Open Series of tournaments began.

What racquet does Djokovic use? ›

Novak Djokovic's Head Graphene 360

Novak Djokovic endorses the Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro. This may be his official racket, but it's not actually the one he has used to win his 21 Grand Slam titles. It's really a paint job for the Head PT113B, which isn't available for sale.

What racket does Roger Federer use? ›

Roger Federer's tennis racquet is nothing magical, but his game style and results easily make you think it is. Federer uses his own Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph racquet that you can buy in the store. He uses Champions Choice strings.

What grip size does Nadal use? ›

Reportedly, Roger Federer uses a 4 3/8 size grip, while Rafael Nadal uses a 4 1/4. Of course, both play with overwraps, which builds the grip up to a degree. Still, for players of their skill, size, and strength, such grip sizes would have been considered absurdly small 15 or 20 years ago.

What Babolat racquet does Nadal use? ›

What is this? Since 2010, Nadal has used Babolat RPM blast 15L gauge/1.35mm which is a shaped polyester string.

What brand of tennis racquet does Nadal use? ›

The racquet that has evolved with him during his time with Babolat is the Pure Aero, which is a striking fluorescent yellow.

Is Babolat made in France? ›

"The VS string, symbol of the brand's values"

Eric Babolat likes to recall, “My great-great-grandfather invented the natural gut tennis string in Lyon in 1875. Today, our production site is located in Ploërmel, in Brittany (France), near the region's slaughterhouses–the source of raw material.

Are Wilson tennis racquets made in China? ›

Like many others, Wilson manufactures their tennis racquets in China, but it's an American company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Are Head tennis racquets made in China? ›

Head has been at the forefront of developing tennis technology since the 1950s. For some time, all Head racquets were made here, but now their process is split in two - mass-market racquets (the sort you'd buy in High Street sport shops) are produced in China.

Are Yonex tennis racquets made in China? ›

Babolats, Volkls, Princes, and really all other brands have been made only in China for many years. Yonex makes a few racquets in Japan but the rest in China.

Who owns Babolat brand? ›

Today Babolat remains a family-run business, and is led by 44-year-old Eric Babolat, the great-great-grandson of founder Pierre. Under Eric's leadership, Babolat has been transformed from a company which until 1994 only made strings, to one of the biggest names in tennis racquets, clothing and footwear.

How do you pronounce Babolat in French? ›

How to Pronounce Babolat - YouTube

Do pro tennis players use natural gut strings? ›

There are two main reasons why professional tennis players still use natural gut strings: Natural gut holds tension better than any other string. The feel of natural gut strings are yet to be copied into a multifilament string.

Is luxilon owned by Wilson? ›

The company owns the brands Atec, DeMarini, EvoShield, Louisville Slugger, and Luxilon to provide sports equipment and protective gear for baseball, lacrosse, softball, and tennis.

Are Babolat racquets good? ›

The Babolat Pure Drive is one of the most popular tennis racquets in the world. It is the best all around tennis racquet on the market for its ability to generate power for any skill level. Beginners and even pro tour players use the Pure Drive.

Are Prince tennis racquets still made? ›

Founded in 1970, Prince's range of products includes rackets, footwear, apparel, tennis balls, pickleball paddles, stringing machines, hats and bags. Prince is the leading global manufacturer of tennis rackets.

Which Head racquets are made in Austria? ›

Head Prestige Classic (Made in Austria)

Who owns Head NV? ›

Johan Eliasch

Who owns Penn tennis? ›

Penn Racquet Sports, Inc. is a subsidiary of Head N.V. that manufactures tennis balls and racquetballs. Penn was founded in 1910 as Pennsylvania Rubber Company of America, Inc. in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. Penn was acquired by Head N.V. in 1999 and is currently headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

Where is Dunlop racquet made? ›

Dunlop is a British manufacturing company that was established in 1910 with a focus on racquet sports. They produce balls, strings, racquets, sportswear, bags, etc.

Are tecnifibre rackets made in France? ›

Tecnifibre creates its first strings and revolutionises the market with unique new technology: polyurethane. The production of the strings are still 100% Made In France to this day.

Who owns Yonex? ›

Ben Yoneyama


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