Engel Delivers Its Largest Ever Injection Molding Machines (2023)

Austrian injection molding machine and automation supplier Engel (Schwertberg) has delivered the two largest-ever injection molding it has built to the U.S., shipping a pair of 8000-ton duo combi machines to Advanced Drainage Systems‘ (ADS) subsidiary Infiltrator Water Technologies (IWT) in Winchester, Ky.

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The Engel duo 130000/130000H/8200 combi machines each feature two 85,000 cm³ (approx. 2900 oz.) injection units capable of a combined total shot weight of 270 lbs (122 kg). In terms of footprint, the machines measure 96 feet (29.3 meters) long and 37 feet (6.4 meters) wide. Big no doubt, but in relation to their shot size and clamp force, Engel points out that these behemoths actually have a relatively small footprint made possible by the duo’s two-platen design.

Moving Heavy Metal

In a release, Jim Moran, business development manager at Engel North America, laid out the logistical challenges of transporting the machines from Austria to Kentucky. Actually, since each press was fully assembled and tested prior to shipping and then disassembled to be delivered to the U.S., the company was technically shipping components with 29 truckloads of parts eventually arriving in Kentucky from Austria, including the platens which were transported to and from St. Valentin via barge on the Danube River.

The enormous size of these machines required new manufacturing facilities to house them. Infiltrator completed a 59,000-ft2 building expansion over the same time as the parts were delivered. Over 2 months, the machine was assembled while the building and all the necessary auxiliary equipment and utilities were installed, including a 150-ton overhead crane intended to move molds in and out of the machine but used to help assemble the new press in the interim.

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Engel Delivers Its Largest Ever Injection Molding Machines (2)

Special transportation was required for many parts of this huge machine. Pictured is the arrival of the 257,941 lb stationary platen at the Infiltrator facility in Winchester, Ky.
Photo Credit: Engel

Engel notes that dozens of individuals worked thousands of hours with a perfect safety record to complete the project. Engel received the purchase order in November 2020, with the handover of the first machine completed in February 2022. In Februray 2023, the second machine, a replica of the first, was delivered.

ADS, which places a high level of corporate emphasis on sustainability, said it has made significant investments in new equipment in recent years to help it more efficiently create its products, which are used to move water and now include high levels of recycled plastic. For Engel, which was recently been granted an EcoVadis gold rating, sustainability is also a top priority.

More and Bigger to Come

An Engel spokesperson told Plastics Technology that ADS and Infiltrator wanted to keep most of the key details around the machine close to the vest, but Engel says going forward it will be manufacturing even larger machines, including the possibility of presses with clamp forces exceeding 12,000 tons and shot weights of a few hundred kilograms. For these machines, maximum platen size would 13 by 10 ft, with the ability to run molds weighing up to 444,000 lb and offer material throughput of 4400 lb/hr.

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Engel Delivers Its Largest Ever Injection Molding Machines (3)

Infiltrator Water Technologies will use the machine’s 270-lb combined shot weight to injection mold water management products.
Photo Credit: Engel

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Landscape Photo Credit: Engel



What is the largest ENGEL injection molding machine? ›

Austrian injection molding machine manufacturer ENGEL has set a new record with two injection molding machines delivered to the USA. With a clamping force of 8,000 tons each, they are the largest machines ever built at the St. Valentin plant in Austria.

What is the largest injection molding machine? ›

The Engel duo 130000/130000H/8200 combi machines each feature two 85,000 cm³ (approx. 2900 oz.) injection units capable of a combined total shot weight of 270 lbs (122 kg). In terms of footprint, the machines measure 96 feet (29.3 meters) long and 37 feet (6.4 meters) wide.

What is the cost of ENGEL injection molding machine? ›

Engel 150 Ton Injection Molding Machine at Rs 800000 | Injection Molding Machines in Chennai | ID: 20595785412.

What is the correct explanation of injection molding machine? ›

An injection molding machine (also spelled as injection moulding machine in BrE), also known as an injection press, is a machine for manufacturing plastic products by the injection molding process. It consists of two main parts, an injection unit and a clamping unit.

What is the largest Engel machine? ›

Austrian injection moulding machine manufacturer ENGEL has set a new record with two injection moulding machines delivered to the USA. With a clamping force of 8,000 tons each, they are the largest machines ever built at the St. Valentin plant in Austria.

What is the biggest Engel fridge? ›

The MT-V80F is the biggest single compartment model in the Engel range. 80lt ALL FRIDGE or 80lt ALL FREEZER, the choice is yours.

What is the smallest injection molding? ›

Babyplast 10/12 is one of the smallest, fully hydraulic, injection moulding machines.

How are injection molding machines sized? ›

Injection molding machine sizes can run anywhere from 5 tons of clamping force to over 6000. The higher the tonnage, the larger the machine. In fact, injection molding machines are classified based on tonnage, or more precisely the clamping force or pressure.

What is the shot size of an injection molding machine? ›

What is shot size in injection molding machine? The shot size/ injection capacity/ Shot capacity of the machine is the maximum amount of material (resin) the screw injects into the mould in one cycle.

How long do injection molding machines last? ›

Plastic injection molds last from hundreds to over a million cycles. A plastic injection mold lifespan depends on its environment, maintenance, structure, SPI classification, and other factors.

Why is injection molding so expensive? ›

The simple answer is that making a successful injection mould tool is a hugely complex undertaking that require a lot of thought, planning, expertise and labour. The higher the complexity, the more expensive the cost of your mould will be.

What is cheaper than injection molding? ›

Meanwhile, The extrusion process is less costly upfront, with tooling costs 80% to 90% less than injection molding, but slightly more expensive over time as it produces parts at a more medium cost per part.

What are the two types of injection molding machines? ›

Hydraulic, Electric, and Hybrid Machines

There are three types of injection molding machines, classified by the type of drive/motor — hydraulic, electric, or hybrid.

What is the difference between molding and injection molding? ›

In general, blow molding is used to make singular, hollow products like bottles and beakers. Injection molding makes solid parts, like plates and discs, or is used to produce solid parts or pieces for plastic products.

Who uses injection molding machines? ›

Uses of Injection Molding:

These housings are used in a variety of products such as household appliances, consumer electronics, power tools, and automotive bumpers/dashboards. Injection molding is additionally used for manufacturing everyday products like toothbrushes, bottle caps or tiny plastic toys.

What is the smallest Engel? ›

The portable fridge MD14F is the smallest model of the entire Engel product range.

How much power does Engel use? ›

Engel 40 Litre Portable Fridge-Freezer
Weight24 kg
Net Weight24 KG
DC Power ConsumptionVariable from 0.5 – 2.6 AMPS
PowerBuilt-in 240V AC/12V/24V DC
Warranty5 Year Warranty
4 more rows

How much does an Engel weigh? ›

Engel 60 Litre Portable Fridge-Freezer
Weight33 kg
DC Power ConsumptionVariable from 0.5 – 3.6 AMPS
PowerBuilt-in 240V AC/12V/24V DC
Warranty5 Year Warranty
Voltage SelectorAutomatic
4 more rows

Why are Engel fridges so good? ›

The Engel compressor uses less moving parts making it very efficient when in cooler conditions. Their compressor is limited to a maximum 2.5amps per hour.

What is an Engel fridge? ›

Trust the leading company in the global market of portable refrigeration. With over 50 years of history, Engel portable fridge freezers are a guarantee of efficiency, reliability and durability.

Where is the biggest fridge in the world? ›

The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is also one of the biggest fridges in the world. In fact, it's nicknamed the 'world's largest refrigerator' thanks for the most part to its 2,800 tonne refrigeration system.

What is the maximum thickness for injection molding? ›

Based on my own experience, then, the possible range of thickness for injection molding can be a minimum of . 01 inch with a maximum of 4.5 inches.

What are the three types of injection molding? ›

Metal injection moulding. Micro injection moulding. Reaction injection moulding. Thin-wall injection moulding.

What is the toughest plastic for injection molding? ›

Polycarbonate (PC): Polycarbonate is a transparent thermoplastic that offers some of the strongest, most shatter-resistant construction available for plastic injection molded products.

How much does a 400 ton injection molding machine weigh? ›

Specifications for the 400 Ton Toyo

The nozzle pressure force is 4.41 United States tons. The hopper capacity is 33.0 gallons. The clamping system is double toggle with a clamping force of 400 tons. The machine weight is 46,200 pounds.

How efficient is injection molding? ›

It's very efficient.

While it can take several minutes — or even hours — to 3D print or CNC machine a single part, most injection molding cycles only last 10 to 60 seconds. Even if you have a complex geometry that takes around 120 seconds to mold, you can include several smaller parts in one larger mold.

How fast is injection molding? ›

Injection moulding can produce an incredible amount of parts per hour. Speed depends on the complexity and size of the mould, anywhere between 15-120 seconds per cycle time.

What is the shot capacity unit? ›

The maximum weight of material that can be delivered to an injection mould by one stroke of the ram.

What is short capacity in injection moulding? ›

Short Term Capacity or “ST Capacity” shall mean capacity reserved for an Entry Point, a Processing Service, a Quality Service or an Exit Point for one or more Day(s). Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3. Short Term Capacity or “ST Capacity” shall mean capacity reserved for an Entry.

What is a short shot in injection molding? ›

A short shot is an incompletely filled mold cavity. This can happen for two reasons. Unintentional: As the plastic flows through cold portions of the mold, heat is continually being drawn from the melt. Plastic adjacent to the cold mold walls will freeze almost immediately.

What is the hourly rate for plastic injection molding machine? ›

The average hourly rate for Plastic Injection Molding Operator II ranges from $21 to $26 with the average hourly pay of $24. The total hourly cash compensation, which includes base and short-term incentives, can vary anywhere from $21 to $27 with the average total hourly cash compensation of $24.

How much electricity does an injection molding machine use? ›

While a typical electric machine may consume about 2.55 kWh during an injection molding process, hydraulic machines may consume 5.12 kWh. They require higher temperatures for molding and more time for cooling, and they're not ideal for clean rooms because of the risk of fluid leakage.

How much does metal injection molding machine cost? ›

Large industrial injection molding machines can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000+.

What state is best for injection molding? ›

West Virginia is the best state for injection molding technicians to live.

What is better than injection molding? ›

However, because of the cost and time consuming nature of injection moulding tooling design, 3D printing is generally seen as a better process for prototyping.

Can you injection mold aluminum? ›

Aluminum injection molding is an innovative technique based on injection molding used to produce parts (either prototypes/real products) with aluminum tooling. It is a perfect alternative to steel injection molding in rapid prototyping and has wide adoption in automotive, aviation, and industrial processes.

What is the profit margin for injection molding? ›

In the injection molding industry for example, margins of 6-7% are pretty typical. Of course some plastics manufacturers have profits higher than average, some lower. That's true in every industry.

Is it cheaper to injection mold or 3D print? ›

Injection molding is cheaper than 3D printing if you produce more than 100 parts. While the cost per unit using 3D printing stays relatively unchanged, the price for injection molding becomes dramatically better the more pieces you manufacture with your mold.

Is 3D printing stronger than injection molding? ›

Because injection molded parts are produced in a single step, they tend to be stronger than 3D printed parts which may weaken where layers meet.

How many parts can an injection molding machine make? ›

The injection molding process

Almost every plastic item around you was manufactured using injection molding. This is because the technology can produce identical parts at very high volumes (typically, 1,000 to 100,000+ units) at a very low cost per part (typically, at $1-5 per unit).

What is maximum daylight? ›

MAXIMUM DAYLIGHT: A daylight in an injection molding machine is the space or distance between the fixed platen and the moving platen during open and close clamping on an injection molding machine. The minimum and maximum daylight in the injection molding machine determines the sizes of the items it can make.

What is the difference between CNC and injection molding? ›

Injection molds are typically tooled to standard tolerances of 0.005”, whereas CNC machining tools are able to cut workpieces with extremely precise 0.001” tolerances.

What are the 4 stages of injection molding? ›

The whole injection moulding process usual lasts from 2 seconds to 2 minutes. There are four stages in the cycle. These stages are the clamping, injection, cooling and ejection stages.

Why is injection moulding best? ›

It minimises moulding costs, and is a highly repeatable way of producing plastic or elastomeric parts with high precision. Once set up, it can produce a huge amount of parts per hour from a wide range of different plastics plus other materials such as liquid silicone rubber.

Is injection molding difficult? ›

Plastic injection molds are complex. Only experienced engineers know how to design and build them, meaning labor costs are high. Plus, there are many steps to building a mold that will produce millions of identical parts over time.

Who made the first injection molding machine? ›

Plastic injection molding was invented in the late 19th century, with the first molding machine patented in 1872 by two brothers, John and Isaiah Hyatt.

What industry uses injection molding? ›

The injection molding process is ideal for the manufacture of thin-walled packaging. Examples of applications are: Food packaging containers. Consumer product packaging.

What is the example of injection Moulding machine? ›

This method has produced solid parts such as electronic housings, bottle caps, containers, computers, televisions components, outdoor furniture, agricultural products, toys, machinery components, and much more.

How much does a 40l Engel draw? ›

The 40 litre Engel has a maximum power draw when the motor is cycling on of 3 amps.

What are the dimensions of an Engel 40 lt? ›

Engel 40 Litre Portable Fridge-Freezer
Weight24 kg
Warranty5 Year Warranty
Voltage SelectorAutomatic
External DimensionsH508 W631 D360 (Add 60mm for each handle)
Internal DimensionsH370 W380 D260
4 more rows

How long is a 40l Engel? ›

Engel 40 Litre Fridge
Product Specifications
Capacity:40 Litre (60 X 375ml Cans)
External dimensions::H 508 W 648 D 364 mm
Internal dimensions::H 370 W 380 D 260 mm
Net Weight:24 Kg
5 more rows

What size is the Engel 80L fridge? ›

Internal Dimensions: 390L x 510W x 410H mm. Insulation Thickness: 4cm. Cable Length: 2.94m. Total Capacity: 80L.

Are Engel fridges made in China? ›

Where are Engel and Dometic made? Engels use a Sawafuji Swing Motor which is made in Japan. The fridge/freezers themselves are made in Thailand. Dometic fridges are made in China and used to have the German “Danfoss” now known as SECOP compressor in them.

Who makes Engel? ›

This is the only compressor of its type in the world and is wholly owned by Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd Japan. Since 1962 well over three million Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers have been manufactured and sold all over the world.

How much does a 60l Engel draw? ›

Two internal baskets makes packing your fridge a dream and with a maximum 12 volt draw of only 4.2 AMPS per hour, the Engel MT-V60F leaves the opposition for dead.

How tall is a 60 Litre Engel? ›

External Dimensions: 390L x 790W x 441H mm (handles add an additional 50 mm) Internal Dimensions: 390L x 510W x 310H mm.

What are the dimensions of a 75 L Engel? ›

External Dimensions: 561H x 790W x 490D mm (handles add an additional 60 mm) Internal Dimensions Fridge: 435H x 260W x 378D mm. Internal Dimensions Freezer: 435H x 220W x 378D mm.

How many cans fit in a 40L fridge? ›

40L = 60 cans.

The most common or 'standard' size camping fridge, 40L fridges are great for two or three people over a long weekend away.

How many amps does a 45 Litre Engel draw? ›

This model is the new 45 quart fridge-freezer, with added features and fan.
Opened, Used but Undamaged and in the Original Box.
Weight55 Lbs
Quarts43 Qts
Power Options12/24V DC & 110/120V AC
Power DrawVariable from 0.54-2.35 Amps (12V DC)
4 more rows

What are the dimensions of Engel 32? ›

Engel 32 Litre Portable Fridge-Freezer
Weight21 kg
Warranty5 Year Warranty
Voltage SelectorAutomatic
External DimensionsH408 W631 D360 (Add 60mm for each handle)
Internal DimensionsH270 W380 D270
4 more rows

How long will an Engel run off a battery? ›

The 40L 60th Anniversary Limited Edition comes with a five-year warranty and I was able to get up to five and a half days of use out of it on one battery charge. This is three more years of warranty than any other brand I have owned and two more days of run time.

How long will an Engel fridge last? ›

Due to its design, simplicity, and lack of moving parts in the motor, the fridge has been known to live up to 30+ years. This means it does not matter if you do or do not run the fridge continuously full-time – it has been designed to last regardless. No, you do not need to keep your Engel fridge running.


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