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Do you have a passion for false eyelashes and eyelash extensions? Have you always wanted to start a business in the beauty industry, but hadn’t yet found the perfect niche? You can become a lash extension entrepreneur and earn good money as a small business owner. All you need is a love of beauty and an interest in marketing lashes.

What is an Eyelash Business?

The beauty business boasts a plethora of niches, but the eyelash business is definitely a lucrative one. According to Grand View Research, Inc., by 2025, the global false eyelashes market is expected to reach $1.6 billion… that represents a lot of potential customers.

In an eyelash business, a trained technician applies eyelash extensions and other lash aesthetics to clients. Of course, as with any other business, the eyelash business also requires marketing, sales, customer service and other operations to be profitable.

How Much Does it Cost to Start Your Own Lash Business?

You’ll need capital to start your own lash business. When establishing an eyelash extensions company, you’ll need to purchase supplies and equipment. You’ll need to set up your salon location, and you might need to hire lash artists. In all, you could spend between $30,000 and $60,000 to start your lash business.

How to Start an Eyelash Business: 20 Crucial Steps

Ready to start your own business selling eyelash extensions services? The following 20 crucial steps will help you start a successful eyelash extensions business:

1. Get the Necessary Training and Qualifications

Unless you plan on hiring a lash artist, you will need to receive the necessary training and qualifications to become an eyelash technician for your lash business. Being licensed helps you convey a sense of professionalism to your clients and keeps your business legally compliant.

Of course, every state and country has its own requirements, so be sure and research the necessary qualifications in your region. You might need to take a series of courses, pass a test or pay certain fees to gain an esthetician license in your area.

2. Name Your Business and Create a Brand

What will you call your lash business? Every company needs a creative and unique business name that makes it stand out in customers’ minds. Be sure and register the brand name to protect it from being used by competitors.

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Of course, your business name is only part of your overall lash brand. Design a logo that visually represents your brand, including your products, values and vision.

3. Know Your Target Market

Who is your target customer? As with most businesses, your market won’t include everyone. What type of customer will seek your aesthetic services? Consider the demographics and characteristics of that target audience when determining to who you will market your business.

4. Research the Competition Providing Eyelash Extensions

Who will your competition be in the lash business? What other local businesses will also provide eyelash extensions and other lash services to your target market? Research your competition, paying attention to what services other lash businesses offer and how they promote their companies. What works for them, and what can you improve upon in your own lash business?

5. Create a Business Plan

Before you can acquire funding for your eyelash business, you’ll need to establish a business plan. Even if you plan to launch your company without help from a bank or investor, writing a business plan will help you better define your business, identify your target customer and create effective business strategies.

An effective business plan for your lash company should include an overview of your business, including a general description of your company and the services it will provide, as well as financial projections, a description of your target market and a general marketing plan.

6. Choose a Business Entity

How will you structure your lash extension business? Will you be the sole owner of your small business, or will you own the company with one or more partners? Who is legally responsible for the brand? Who will be responsible for profits and debts?

When establishing the structure of your eyelash company, you can choose from a variety of business entities, including sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or even a corporation. Most lashes companies will be opened as a sole proprietorship or an LLC, depending on who will be personally liable.

7. Set Up a Business Bank Account for Your Eyelash Extension Business

Before your lashes business starts sending or receiving money, be sure and open a business bank account. A business bank account offers a level of professionalism to your small business, and it separates your business and personal finances, which helps protect the business and keep it legally compliant.

You might also consider opening a business credit card account for your eyelash extension business, which can be used to help finance your company during slow periods and purchase inventory until you start turning a profit.

8. Sort Out Licensing, Permits, and Fees

What licenses and permits will you need to operate your eyelash business? There’s no simple answer to that question since requirements will vary by region. Be sure an research any business licenses, as well as aesthetic or healthcare licenses, are required in your area and be prepared to pay any fees associated with obtaining them.

9. Set A Budget

What will be your budget for starting your lashes business? A variety of startup costs are associated with establishing any new small business, and the eyelash extension industry is no exception. Consider everything you need to start your business, including costs for your salon or other location, employees, equipment and supplies. As a new small business owner, you’ll also want to consider your financial resources, so you can save money when it’s necessary.

10. Choose a Location

Where do you plan to conduct business? Will you rent a space to convert into a salon, or do you own a location to house your own eyelash brand? A variety of options are available. You can do business out of the relaxing atmosphere of your own studio at home, or you can select a posh high street location. In many areas, you can even offer mobile eyelash services, operating out of a company van or another commercial vehicle.

11. Purchase Business Insurance

Risks accompany running any business. What if a natural disaster destroys your inventory? What if an employee or a customer gets injured? What if your online business operations become the victim of a hacker?

You’re bound to invest plenty of time and money into the success of your lash business, so you’ll want to obtain business insurance to protect that investment. Consider insurance policies including property insurance, liability insurance and cyber insurance if you are selling or marketing services in the online marketplace.

12. Buy the Necessary Equipment

What equipment will you need to operate your eyelash company? Of course you’ll need basic office equipment, such as a desk, chairs and a computer, as well as decor to create a relaxing atmosphere. But a small business owner launching an eyelash extensions business will also want to invest into the following equipment:

  • Lighting – You will need bright, high-quality portable lighting to ensure you and your aesteticians clearly can see every individual lash.
  • Reclining chair or lash bed – Where will your customers relax while you attend to their lashes?
  • Linens and sanitary covers – Don’t forget covers for your lash bed that keep customers comfortable and clean.
  • Comfortable chair – You and your lash artists will be spending hours in your chairs as you apply eyelash extensions. Make sure you are comfortable while doing it.
  • Shelves and storage – Keep an organized salon with plenty of shelves and other storage containers.
  • Lash cart – A lash cart can be equipped with all of your various extensions and other lash supplies and equipment for convenient access.
  • Sink and sterilization area – Be sure to keep a clean and sterile business by equipping your salon with a sink and sterilization area.

13. Set Your Prices and Create a Menu

What services will your lash business offer customers, and how much will you charge for each? When determining your pricing schedule, look at the competition in your area. You might want to match competitors’ pricing, or you might want to launch with promotional pricing and charge even less than another local business when you can. Create a menu of services and pricing that your customers can reference when purchasing lashes services from you.

14. Create a Professional Website and Email ID

Every business needs an online presence for success in the modern marketplace. Even if you won’t be engaging in e-commerce, a well-designed website and official email address will add a sense of professionalism to your new business and offer an important source of promotion for customers searching for lash services. It also can offer a booking tool, giving customers a simple way to reserve their appointments.

If possible, coordinate your website domain with your overall small business brand. Don’t worry if you have no web design experience. Many new business owners hire another professional to design their own website.

15. Choose a Booking System

How will you book your customers’ lash extensions appointments for your business? Gone are the days when a small business owner could rely on pen, paper and a desk calendar to track their engagements. Today’s lash business owner needs a solid booking system to ensure the most professional scheduling.

A variety of booking software is available with features to accommodate practically any type of business. Choose from some of the best online booking software systems such as Boulevard, Fresha or Gloss Genius.

16. Invest in Point of Sale Software

How will your lash business process payments? By investing in point-of-sale software, you can ensure your business can accept a variety of payment forms from your customers both online and in person, as well as accurately track your sales.

Much like with booking system software, a variety of point-of-sale software options are available, each with unique features and tools. Small business owners can choose from some of the best point of sale software options like Square Point of Sale, Shopify POS, Quickbooks Point of Sale or Revel Systems.

17. Market Your Business and Build a Customer Base

It’s a competitive market, and you can’t expect customers to start forming a line just because you opened the doors of your new lash salon. You have to market your eyelash extension business to build a customer base.

Small business owners no longer have to invest in traditional advertising to market their products and services. You can reach prospective clients by engaging with them on a social media platform. Establish social media profiles for your lash business on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By posting compelling content, you can attract an audience of lash enthusiasts and potential clients. Some lash artists have developed impressive followings on YouTube and TikTok by sharing video of them applying eyelash extensions to willing customers. You can even feature your own lashes to churn up interest in your brand.

18. Launch Your Business

You’ve acquired the skills and certifications, you’ve purchased equipment and supplies, you’ve set up your salon, and you’ve built a customer base. Now it’s time to launch your lash business! Planning and organization are key to successfully launch your own eyelash brand.

19. Expand Your Services

Now that’s you’ve successfully launched your small business, you’ll want to start looking toward future growth. How will you expand your services and maximize your earnings? Remember, more high-quality services can equal more customers… and increased profits.

An entrepreneur who has launched a successful lash business can consider expanding to other services in a variety of ways. Perhaps you will develop a webinar and sell eyelash tutorials online. Maybe you will help to develop your own custom eyelash extensions and start your own lash label. You might even become an eyelash wholesaler. With a creative mind, the opportunities are practically endless. You can also look into how to start a hair salon or how to start a nail salon to add more services.

20. Be a Successful Business Owner

Once your lash business starts earning money, you are on your way to being the successful small business owner you envisioned. You’re now your own boss, but your lash artist journey is just beginning. Your business will need your ongoing support to continue to thrive.

Is a Lash Business Profitable?

Are lash businesses profitable? According to Giovanni Eyelash Factory, U.S. customers now use more than 40 million pairs of false eyelashes every month, and that incredible amount continues to grow. It only makes sense that more entrepreneurs are finding success in the eyelash business.

You can earn money by opening an eyelash salon, and the above 20 steps should help you along the way.

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How do I start a successful eyelash business? ›

5 Tips on How to Start a Business as a New Lash Tech
  1. Get certified by a well-known and reputable company! ...
  2. Research your target market to acquire new clients as a new lash tech. ...
  3. Decide whether you want to open a home studio or lease space as a new lash tech. ...
  4. Create a business strategy, budget, pricing, and goals.
11 May 2022

How do I announce my lash business? ›

Digitally Promote Your Lash Business
  1. Create a Google My Business account. This is a guaranteed way to ensure your listing shows up on Google Maps! ...
  2. Design an engaging website. ...
  3. Try eyelash extension advertising on social media. ...
  4. Boost your business with online contests. ...
  5. Start a blog!
16 Apr 2018

How do I start my own eyelash business from home? ›

Set up your room
  1. Create a comfortable space. Creating a comfortable environment for both you and your clients is key. ...
  2. Stock your trolley. No lash artist's workspace is complete without a trusty lash cart or trolley. ...
  3. Create an aftercare plan. ...
  4. Have a stock of client record cards. ...
  5. Set up a booking system.
27 Dec 2021

How do I promote my lash page? ›

6 Successful Advertising Ideas for Lash Extension Business
  1. Promoting On Social. Similar to other specialties within the beauty business, promoting your lash work on social media is important. ...
  2. Building Partnerships. ...
  3. Loyalty Cards. ...
  4. Referral Promotions. ...
  5. Local Advertising. ...
  6. Offering Giveaways or Promotions.
22 Feb 2021

What do you need to start doing lashes? ›

Items Needed for Proper Eyelash Extension Application
  1. The extensions themselves. A semi permanent eyelash extension looks just like an individual eyelash. ...
  2. A bonding solution. ...
  3. Tweezers. ...
  4. Disposable eyelash comb/brush. ...
  5. Large round or oval sponge. ...
  6. Sealer. ...
  7. Eye gel pads.

How do I promote my lash business on Instagram? ›

To promote your posts, you need to put relevant and popular hashtags that get a large outreach. You should hashtag your local area and business name, but some general hashtags too, like #lashes #eyelasheextensions #beauty #lashtech and so on.

How do you caption eyelash extensions? ›

Cute Lash Sayings
  1. Lash babe.
  2. Lash boss.
  3. Lashes are better.
  4. All you need is lashes.
  5. Hello gorgeous.
  6. Have a fabuLASH day!

What is the target audience for lashes? ›

The target market for eyelash extensions includes people who want to enhance their natural look or want to create a dramatic effect. It also includes people who are allergic to chemicals found in traditional makeup or those who have lost their lashes because of an illness or medical treatments.

How profitable is a lash business? ›

Most lash artists are also small business owners, meaning that they set their own hours, work schedule, pricing, and more. That means there's a wide variety in lash artist income. For most artists who are five days a week, taking three clients per day, income ranges between $75,000 to $150,000 per year.

Are eyelash extensions easy to learn? ›

You need patience...

Eyelash extensions may be the most tedious profession you could possibly get into," Taylor says. Great point. There are physical demands to this career — you need steady hands, excellent dexterity and good eyesight (read more about good eye health and the last artist).

What is a lash Tech Considered? ›

Essentially, a lash technician is a beauty expert who has received specific training in applying semi-permanent lash extensions onto their client's natural lashes. This is a job that demands patience, keen vision, and steady hands, not to mention a good deal of training.

How do beginner lash techs get clients? ›

10 Ways To Get New Lash Extension Clients
  1. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace & Other Localized Classified Ad Websites. ...
  2. Friends and Family. ...
  3. Partner With Existing Related Businesses. ...
  4. Referral Program For Existing Clients. ...
  5. Social Media Ads. ...
  6. Google. ...
  7. Sell Gift Cards To Existing Clients. ...
  8. Get A Website.

How many clients can a lash Tech do in a day? ›

Lashpreneur Lightbulb

Here's my go-to formula to walk you through the finding your way to the number of regular touch up (or fill) client's you need to sustain your lash business. So your initial goal is to get to 4 clients a day, 5 days a week. Not a terrible goal and a manageable place to start.

How do you come up with a brand name? ›

Follow these steps to come up with a brand name that's sure to turn heads and invite consumers to learn more:
  1. Determine your brand's values.
  2. Get to know your target market.
  3. Brainstorm potential brand names.
  4. Conduct a linguistic screening.
  5. Make sure your name is available.
  6. Test it!
  7. Incorporate your brand name everywhere.
27 Jan 2021

Is selling false lashes profitable? ›

Is Selling Eyelashes Profitable? Eyelashes can be a very profitable business if you sell quality products and find a good vendor that sells you the lashes wholesale for a great price.

How many lash trays does a client have? ›

Budget-friendly: A tray can contain 12 to 16 lines of eyelashes. Usually, we would use one line per client. The real amount will depend on the thickness of the lash extension and the type. Lash trays are one of the best packaging for the eyelash artist to be efficient and to work faster.

What is the best material for eyelash extensions? ›

Siberian minks produce the most premium fur, which is, you guessed it, also the most desirable. If you're a newbie to eyelash extensions, and you want a natural look, mink might be what you're looking for. It most closely mimics the look and luster of your own lashes. Mink is lightweight and fluffy.

What are the different lash types? ›

Eyelash curls, thicknesses & lengths

There are three main types of eyelash extensions - synthetic, silk and mink.

What are the benefits of eyelash extensions? ›

Eyelash extensions add volume to the natural lash line and can lift the face and make people appear more youthful. It's no secret societal beauty standards applaud long, thick eyelashes, and with extensions, you can enhance your natural beauty without the use of makeup or other beauty products.

What is a lash lift? ›

A lash lift is an all-natural, semi-permanent procedure that gives you the appearance of fuller, thicker eyelashes without the use of any leave-on chemicals or extensions. The natural lashes are boosted from the root, giving them a lifted, lengthened appearance.

How much is the false eyelash industry worth? ›

With hundreds of options and specialized salons, the false eyelash business is estimated to reach $1.5 billion in five years.

Can teenager get eyelash extensions? ›

There are no specific laws in the United States that prevent teenagers from getting cosmetic surgery; however, parental consent is required for patients under the age of 18.

Are lashes a good business? ›

As your skills grow, you can charge more and become more profitable as a lash professional. Successful lashers on the higher end of the wage scale make upwards of $73,000 each year.

How much do lash techs make a week? ›

As a lash tech employee, your average minimum salary will be between $42,000 – $60,000. That works out to an hourly rate of between $20 – $25, or a weekly rate between $800 – $950.

How much do eyelash extensions cost? ›

The best extensions are custom—and will cost you.

Costs vary wildly from salon to salon, but expect a starting point around $120 for the basics and up to $300. Because everyone's eyes are different, you'll want a set that complements your eye shape, lash length, and lifestyle.

How long does it take a beginner to do eyelash extensions? ›

Beginners will take anywhere from 120 to 180 minutes to apply a full set of classic eyelash extensions. A refill will take 60 minutes so that the beginning stylist can apply enough extensions.

How long do fake lashes last? ›

Because extensions are attached to the lash itself, they last as long as the natural growth cycle, or about six weeks. To extend the life of the extensions, Richardson recommends using a lash conditioner (yes, it exists!) and to gently comb through your lashes with a dry spoolie brush.

What skills do you need to be a lash technician? ›

12 Skills Every Lash Artist Needs
  • Patience. Lashes can be fun to work with, but applications can take a long time. ...
  • Steady Hands. Applying eyelash extensions involves applying one single eyelash at a time. ...
  • Attention to Detail. ...
  • Accuracy. ...
  • Good Eyesight. ...
  • Creativity. ...
  • Great Customer Service Skills. ...
  • Great Concentration.
3 Dec 2021

What are the duties of a lash Tech? ›

An eyelash technician specialises in treatments that improve the appearance of our eyelashes. As well as applying lash extensions a qualified lash technician will also carry out lash tinting and lash perming treatments.

What's a lash fill? ›

Here's the scoop: A lash fill involves applying eyelash extensions on new hair growth (new lashes) to give your lash line a full and refreshed lease on life. Both of these services begin by removing any long or overgrown eyelash extensions followed by replacing and applying new extensions.

How profitable is a lash business? ›

Most lash artists are also small business owners, meaning that they set their own hours, work schedule, pricing, and more. That means there's a wide variety in lash artist income. For most artists who are five days a week, taking three clients per day, income ranges between $75,000 to $150,000 per year.

How much can you make from selling eyelashes? ›

Depending on the quality of your lashes, the boxes and how customized it is, most lashes sell for between $10 and $25 a pair. When deciding how to price your eyelashes, you need to do some competitor research and see what other people are selling similar lashes for.

Do you need a license to do lashes in Louisiana? ›

LICENSE. To attain the certificate, you must have a cosmetology license from the Louisiana Board of cosmetology.

Do you need a license to do eyelash extensions in California? ›

According to the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, in order to legally perform lash extensions, the minimum requirement is that your artist must be a licensed esthetician or a cosmetologist.

Are lashes a good business? ›

As your skills grow, you can charge more and become more profitable as a lash professional. Successful lashers on the higher end of the wage scale make upwards of $73,000 each year.

How much do lash techs make a week? ›

As a lash tech employee, your average minimum salary will be between $42,000 – $60,000. That works out to an hourly rate of between $20 – $25, or a weekly rate between $800 – $950.

Is being a lash tech worth it? ›

The investment in lash extension training is definitely worth the time and money, because you'll end up with more time and more money down the road! Check out our training, products, and services today. Contact us to see if a career in eyelash extensions would be right for you!

How much should I price my lashes? ›

Costs vary wildly from salon to salon, but expect a starting point around $120 for the basics and up to $300. Because everyone's eyes are different, you'll want a set that complements your eye shape, lash length, and lifestyle.

What else can I sell with lashes? ›

The Top 5 Lash Retail Items You Must Be Selling
  • 1). Lash Growth Serum.
  • 2). Lash Cleansers.
  • 3). Lash Safe Mascara.
  • 4). Lash Safe Eyeliner.
  • 5). Lip/Brow Products.
14 Feb 2018

How much do you tip a lash Tech? ›

So, how much do you tip for eyelash extensions? On average, clients tip 20.27% for their eyelash extensions services. The vast majority of clients leave a tip between 15% and 25%. Tipping should remain at the complete discretion of the client to show appreciation for the service received.

How do I get my cosmetology license? ›

To apply for a Cosmetology license, you must:
  1. Be 17 years old.
  2. Complete a 1,000 hour approved course of study and pass both the New York State written and practical examinations. ...
  3. Be examined by a physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner.

Can nurses do eyelash extensions in Florida? ›

Contrary to the misinformation floating around the internet, Registered Nurses and All Medically Licensed Professionals ARE ALLOWED to legally work as an Eyelash Extension artist in the state of Florida.

Can you do lashes with just a certificate in Texas? ›

To apply for a Texas eyelash extension license, you must first enroll in a beauty school licensed in Texas. Beauty school students will be issued a student permit while in training. To qualify for a license, you must have completed 320 hours of instruction in an approved eyelash extension training program.

Can estheticians do eyelash extensions? ›

Although some States in the USA do not have licensing requirements, it is illegal in most states to perform eyelash extensions services without a cosmetologist, esthetician, lash specialty, or barber license from the State board.

How many hours does an esthetician need in California? ›

The Board does not accept Apprentice hours. The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology requires the following school hours, depending on your license type: Cosmetologist = 1000 hours, Barber = 1000 hours, Esthetician = 600 hours, Electrologist = 600 hours, Manicurist = 400 hours.

How do I get eyelash extensions in California? ›

The State of California requires that you pass an exam to receive a certification in eyelash extensions. This exam is administered by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and consists of 80 questions. To be approved for the exam, you must first submit an online application to the board.

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