Successful Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets that no one will tell you! (2023)

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Building, growing and maintaining a good client base on PetCloud will require ongoing attention.Check out these ideas for marketing your PetCloud Pet-sitting business to local pet owners that you may want to try.

We strongly recommend having professional photos taken of your listing as your first priority.

Doctors waiting room magazine tables & hospital bulletin boards – Chances are patients are unable to walk their dog or clean the litter box. Your services would be greatly appreciated by someone looking for help. So these are good spots to leave PetCloud flyers.If you would like personalised discount flyers, just email us, and we will design them for you for free and will email them to you.

Airport Hire Car Places – Speak to the staff and ask permission to leave PetCloud flyers

Luggage stores – Speak to the staff and ask permission to leave PetCloud flyers

Markets – There are always tons of dogs with their owners going through Saturday and Sunday markets so hand them out saying “Hi! Can I give you a coupon for pet sitting, in case you go on holidays?” Don’t forget to also greet and pat their dog.

Successful Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets that no one will tell you! (1)

Travel Agents – They have people always booking holidays. Hand out your personalised PetCloud flyers to travel agents.

Groomers – Networking with your local groomer/s can be beneficial as well. You can refer clients to one another, and if you offer a pet-taxi service you could consider working together to offer groomer trips.

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Dog trainers – Local dog trainers can also be a great source for client referrals. Get to know a local dog trainer (that you feel offers quality service) to co-promote to each other’s clients.

Have breakfast at a dog friendly café – There are always tons of dogs with their owners out from 8am of a Saturday and Sunday morning.

Successful Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets that no one will tell you! (2)

Get social! Share your PetCloud listing on your facebook wall and let your friends and family know you do pet sitting.

Take your PetCloud business cards everywhere (including in the car) – Whether you are at a dog park, networking event, grocery store or simply strolling down the street with a dog, keep your business cards handy. Pets are great icebreakers and wonderful sources of conversation. And it may lead to future business!

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Also, always give out PetCloud business cards to those you do business with – This includes the hair dresser, dry cleaner and bank. Also, when eating out locally, make sure you leave a business card with your tip.

Donate to a local charity auction – Consider making a donation (certificate for free pet-sitting services) to a local charity auction. It’s a great way to help out a local organization, garner free advertising for your business and spread the word about your services to a new client base.

Fridge Magnets – Order your PetCloud fridge Magnets and give to your past clients so they remember to book you.

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Pet Shops – Don’t forget about your local feed store or retail pet food outlet. People who have pets always buy pet food and pet supplies. Check with the owner to see if you can leave your brochures on the counter or post fliers on a bulletin board inside the store.

Target new home owners – Distribute flyers to people living in new developments.

Animal shelter adoption packets – Partner with a local shelter and offer to put your information or a PetCloud personalised pet sitting coupon in their adoption packets. This is a great way to reach new pet owners.

Veterinarians – Talk to your local veterinarians to introduce your pet-sitting listing on PetCloud. Once you build a relationship with the veterinarians, they can be excellent referral sources and may also allow you to leave flyers or business cards at their front desks.

Successful Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets that no one will tell you! (4)

Cute photos – If you’ve taken cute pictures of your clients pets, ask the team at PetCloud to share them on Facebook, along your listing and tell your clients. Your clients likely love seeing cute photos of their pets. Consider posting these photos on the PetCloud Facebook page (with the clients’ permission). Your clients will share these photos and their online friends will learn about your business.

Be chatty – It may sound simple, but talk up pet sitting everywhere you go. Most people love talking about their pets, and you can find a way to work in that you own a professional pet-sitting service.

Volunteer with a local non-profit or animal shelter – As a business owner, your free time is likely limited. However, volunteering at a local pet-related non-profit or animal shelter is a wonderful opportunity to meet other pet owners, promote your pet-sitting services and give back to your local pet community.

Successful Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets that no one will tell you! (5)

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Product promotion – If there are companies in your area that sell pet products, consider offering to share free samples with your clients in exchange for promotion of your flyers at their store/on their website.

Referral incentives – Your current clients are your best promoters. If they are happy you’re your service, ask them to refer you to their friends and colleague. Consider offering a free nights stay to your clients who bring in new clients to your business.

Blog – write up an article for PetCloud – If you write a free article for us, we are more than happy to have you refer to your Pet Sitting listing in the article. We will then publish and share it online. When visitors share your blog posts, you will expand your audience of potential clients.

Former clients – To generate additional business, consider sending a postcard, letter or e-mail to past clients with a special pet-sitting offer to remind and encourage them to book your services again.

Participate in a school career day – While school-aged children are not your target clientele, their parents are! Participating in a career day and providing the children with information to take home is a great way to become more involved in your local community and spread the word about your business.

Shift workers – Shift workers usually sleep during the day. Perhaps drop off flyers with nursing staff at Hospitals & Police Stations.

Pamphlets and brochures – While there’s now a huge focus on online promotions, don’t underestimate the value of printed materials. Brochures and pamphlets, especially those that offer helpful pet tips, are great to hand out to pet owners you meet and at local events.

T-shirts – PetCloud T-shirts are available to order and can be a great form of advertisement. Wear them when you are dog walking and share them with staff sitters and clients. Email us for details.

Successful Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets that no one will tell you! (6)

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Pet Events – Find out what Pet Events are coming up in your area and ask the organisers if you can hand out flyers.

Chamber of Commerce and other local business-owner meetings – These local business meetings are often free or very low cost (or offer free introductory meetings before you are required to join). Pet sitters have shared that they’ve been asked to speak at local business meetings such as these and these local groups have helped grow their referrals and helped them meet other businesses in the area.

Online listings – Get listed in local Google search results by creating a Google+ Local business page for your PetCloud profile.

Gumtree – Post your PetCloud listing URL to Gumtree and upload some of your photos encouraging people to book through PetCloud.

Twitter – Tweet your custom discount code (from PetCloud), along with hashtags like #petsitter and #dogboarding #petcloud to reach the best audience.

Instagram – Post pictures of your clients pets you look after and what you get up to at the park or playing fetch or sleeping. Useyour custom discount code (from PetCloud), along with hashtags like #petsitter and #dogboarding #petcloud to reach the best audience.

Successful Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets that no one will tell you! (7)

Network with other pet lovers: Jump on and join a local Dog walking or Dog Lovers group in your local area. You’ll find lots of other Pet Owners in the group who need care.

Successful Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets that no one will tell you! (8)

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Read more: What you can upsell and rough prices you can charge

Successful Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets that no one will tell you! (9)

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What is a good headline for a dog walker? ›

Here are some examples: Loving Pet Sitter, Works from Home. Flexible Schedule, Cats & Dogs! Stay at Home Dog Mom.

How much demand is there for a pet sitter? ›

The BLS predicts all types of animal care and service worker jobs, including pet sitters and other nonfarm animal caretakers, will grow 22% from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average. The BLS also notes that there is a high turnover among those kinds of jobs.

What should a pet sitter know? ›

Your pet sitter will need to know where to find supplies, like food, treats, medications, walking gear, toys, litter, grooming tools, cleaners, and more. Additionally, they'll need some general information about your home as well, so be sure to have them arrive early enough so that you can show them around.

How do you write a dog walking ad? ›

Include your name, your phone number or email address, and a brief introduction. You could even include a picture of yourself walking a dog. Make different sized ads. Use bright colored paper to catch the attention of onlookers.

How can I market my dog? ›

15 Ways To Promote Your Dog Online
  1. Start a Blog. Starting a doggy blog might not be the first thing you think of when wanting to promote your dog online, but there are plenty of amazing blogs out there that say otherwise. ...
  2. YouTube. ...
  3. Instagram. ...
  4. 5. Facebook. ...
  5. Tumblr. ...
  6. Pinterest. ...
  7. An App. ...
  8. A Model.
Mar 9, 2017

What is a catchy headline? ›

A catchy title is the headline of a content article that contains elements to persuade readers to read it. Writing an effective headline can be an essential element of your content. A catchy title can bring a customer to your article by explaining what's in it or what value the reader can get from clicking on it.

How do I make my Rover profile stand out? ›

How To Make Your Profile Shine
  1. Include Portraits. High quality photos make your profile look more professional. ...
  2. Bring a furry friend. Photos with a dog instantly make your profile more attractive to potential clients. ...
  3. Home Photos. If you're boarding dogs in your home, your house is also the star of your profile!
Jun 8, 2016

What is a good eye catching headline for Rover? ›

Here are examples of Rover headlines that really stand out:
  • Dog Foster & former Vet Receptionist.
  • Experienced vet tech & sitter.
  • Trustworthy & always punctual.
  • Experienced with all breeds and sizes.
  • Specializes in cats, rabbits, and parrots.

Can you make a living off of pet-sitting? ›

You can work as much or as little as you want: This can be a side job to earn extra income, but if you build up a large enough client base, this could become a full-time job. The average price for a single pet visit is about $19.35, according to Pet Sitters International.

How much do cat sitters charge per day? ›

Most cat sitters charge 10 - 15 £/€ for a once-daily home visit or 12 - 25 £/€ to drop in twice a day. Cat sitters usually charge 15 - 50 £/€ for overnight cat sitting stays. You can look after more than one household of cats at a time if they only need daily home visits.

How much should I pay a friend to watch my dog? ›

“For friends or family doing dog walking, $15 for a half-hour walk is fairly standard in large cities and $50-$70 for overnight stays with your pets are normal,” Bradley said. “If your pet has special needs like medications, multiple or complicated feedings, physical lifting, etc., you should pay more.”

Should a pet sitter be tipped? ›

Yes, you should tip your sitter! This is no different then any other service based profession such as Hair Stylist, Manicurist, Groomer, Newscarrier, Car Valet, or Waiter/Waitress. A typical tip would be 15-20% for gratitude. A tip shows respect and appreciation for their trustworthy and professional efforts.

What equipment does a pet sitter need? ›

Professional Pet Sitters and Their Tools of the Trade
  • Paper towels.
  • Baby wipes.
  • Sponge.
  • Extra leashes.
  • 1st aid kit.
  • Poop bags.
  • Plastic grocery bags.
  • Trash bags.
Mar 9, 2017

What do you do while dog sitting? ›

By being a pet sitter, you offer to keep the dog in their own environment and stick to a routine which alternatively, kennels, could not offer. In addition to the tip around meeting the pooch prior, this would be a great chance for the dog sitter to ask questions around the dogs routine.

What do you write in a pet sitter bio? ›

Pet Sitter Bio:

I have always had pets growing up as a child and my love for them has grown into my adulthood even more. I have a passion for learning and understanding all different types of animals. My experience in Pet Care is from having my own pets and caring for family, friends and volunteering over the years.

How do I write a pet sitter profile? ›

Explain in as much detail as possible what particular experience you have in caring for pets. Do you have pets of your own? What pet sitting experience, if any, do you have? Perhaps you've acquired specific knowledge about certain behavioural problems in cats or dogs or pet first aid?

How do I make my pet go viral? ›

Comment On Other Pet Videos

By commenting on popular channels, you interact with users who actually watch pet videos. Soon, they'll come to know you and decide to check out your channel. This will in turn increase your subscribers, and increase the likelihood that your pet videos go viral.

How do you make your pet a social media star? ›

Here are some quick steps to make your pet Instafamous!
  1. Create an Account for Your Pet. ...
  2. Use #Hashtags Abundantly. ...
  3. Only Post Good-Quality Photos. ...
  4. Post Frequently. ...
  5. Be Friendly. ...
  6. Show Off Your Pets Uniqueness. ...
  7. Make it Fun.

How do I advertise my pet? ›

10 Simple Ways To Market Your Dog Walking or Pet Sitting Business
  1. Get a website for your business. ...
  2. Get licensed & insured! ...
  3. Get booking software. ...
  4. Get a Facebook business page and use it strategically. ...
  5. Stick out on social media. ...
  6. Start a blog on your website. ...
  7. Get business cards and start handing them out!
Oct 26, 2018

How do dog walkers find clients? ›

Here are five ideas for getting your first dog walking clients.
  1. Begin dropping off dog walking fliers 6 weeks in advance. ...
  2. Network with established dog walkers and pet sitters. ...
  3. Attend local dog events in your community. ...
  4. Create a Yelp profile for your business. ...
  5. Invest in your website.
Jul 7, 2016

Is it hard to start a dog walking business? ›

Running a dog walking businesses is a relatively easy and straightforward endeavour. However, sharpening your business skills and knowledge can help you take your business to another level. For instance, knowledge of accounting, marketing and customer care can increase your profits in the dog walking industry.

What are some risks of a dog walking business? ›

A dog walking business presents special risks because you are dealing with live animals and engaged in physical activity. Dogs may be injured or even killed, and you or someone else could be injured as well. Insurance does exist specifically for businesses that deal with caring for pets.

What is marketing used for? ›

What Is Marketing? Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. Some marketing is done by affiliates on behalf of a company.


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